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Dual boot?

I wanna know how to dual boot xp and linux....using macpup. How do i do this? I already have the iso, but i want to know how to make it so i have that too, because i want to try linux, but i want to keep my windows xp, but still have full control of the installation of linux. And do not suggest a VM, that is not what i need.
Resize your partitions (if needed) and spare an empty partition for the Linux installation, then burn the Linux ISO into a CD / DVD and boot it then install. Install Windows prior to Linux (I assume you do) since boot loader of Linux can load Windows but seems not vice versa (I think, not sure).

If you are able to, I'd still recommend you to have an experiment on a VM. It can help you familiar with the installation and ensure the possibility / problem may cause. All you need for an experimental VM is the maximum minimal RAM needed for both Windows / Linux (i.e. XP need at least 128 MB (let say, not sure about that) and your Linux need 64 MB then 128 MB) and total disk space will be consumed by Windows and Linux (i.e. 2GB for XP and 1GB for Linux, then make a hard disk image with 3GB space), and of course a VM software (e.g. VirtualBox).

For partitioning you can use EASEUS Partition Master
but it appear's with sun's vm it doesn't understand macpup yet...
Nevermind i got it working with Ubunutu here are the steps:
1.) Create a partition(at least 4gb big, mine's 70 for this process)
2.)Download and burn your favorite distro
3.)Turn off computer insert disk, and turn computer back on and it should start install process(make sure your computer is set to access the cd before the HDD)
4.)When you get to the portion of the install where you have to mess with partitions, tell it you want them side by side
5.)Enjoy! Let the install finish then restart and your good to go!

And if anyone knows how to switch bettween the OS's can you please tell me?
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