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serve them right


A new type of malware infects PCs using file-share sites and publishes the user's net history on a public website before demanding a fee for its removal.

The Japanese trojan virus installs itself on computers using a popular file-share service called Winni, used by up to 200m people.

It targets those downloading illegal copies of games in the Hentai genre, an explicit form of anime.

Website Yomiuri claims that 5500 people have so far admitted to being infected.

The virus, known as Kenzero, is being monitored by web security firm Trend Micro in Japan.

Masquerading as a game installation screen, it requests the PC owner's personal details.

It then takes screengrabs of the user's web history and publishes it online in their name, before sending an e-mail or pop-up screen demanding a credit card payment of 1500 yen (10) to "settle your violation of copyright law" and remove the webpage.

Held to ransom

The website that the history is published on is owned by a shell company called Romancing Inc. It is registered to a fictitious individual called Shoen Overns.

"We've seen the name before in association with the Zeus and Koobface trojans. It is an established criminal gang that is continuously involved in this sort of activity," said Rik Ferguson, senior security advisor at Trend Micro.

Kenzero is a twist on ransomware, he added, which infects a computer and encrypts the documents, pictures and music stored on it, before demanding a fee for a decryption key.

"Interestingly we've seen a separate incident that focuses on European victims," he said.

A fictitious organization calling itself the ICPP copyright foundation issues threatening pop-ups and letters after a virus searches the computer hard drive for illegal content - regardless of whether it actually finds anything.

It offers a "pretrial settlement" fine of $400 (258) payable by credit card, and warns of costly court cases and even jail sentences if the victim ignores the notice.

However rather than take the money, the outfit sells on the credit card details, said Mr Ferguson.

"If you find you are getting pop-ups demanding payments to settle copyright infringement lawsuits, ignore them and use a free online anti-malware scanner immediately to check for malware," was his advice.

"And if there's online content that you want to get hold of, get it from a reputable website - if that means paying that's what you have to do."

good for those sick people that watch ridiculous hentai where some underage girls got rape by an octopuses.
I agree with you in the specific example you mentioned. But then what if that type of technology is employed universally on the Internet? I had three Trojan attacks last night for example. And I am wondering whether I survived the one. If all proprietors of software and equipment are going to emploly these kind of techniques, do you think it is going to be safe to surf the Internet? What if one just pressed the wrong button by accident for example? Or a proprietor uses this as a technique for invading people's computers as well? Where would one draw the line?
don't worry. this is old trick. use fake installer to install trojan, read browser history and submit it back. this has happened before. it's not new. and not limited to this hentai file sharing only. maybe somebody already post a link to this kind of fake installer before here. so it won't happen to the rest of us if we take all the precaution, like don't use illegal file sharing with perverted community.

this is what happen when your urge is too strong and make stupid judgment by forgetting one simple basic rules: never installed anything from unknown source.

just ask anybody here, would they run an installer from any members here? now would you run an installer from more suspicious file sharing like those people? no? you would if you can't resist the urge.

the problem here is not the threat itself, but rather the stupidity of those people. you have survived it before, and you would, by just using common sense.
badai wrote:

this is what happen when your urge is too strong and make stupid judgment by forgetting one simple basic rules: never installed anything from unknown source.

And rule #2: Always virus/malware scan every download before opening it.

(Or just use linux, and be virus free -- as well as copyright-issues free.)
ocalhoun wrote:
(Or just use linux, and be virus free -- as well as copyright-issues free.)

To use Linux and whether it is virus free is one new debate. Virus and malware scanners will not protect you easily against Trojans that sneak in through malicious installers unless the footprint of the trojan is well known. For example, if someone writes a simple program that reads browser history, than posts an http request to a website with the data and the website publishes the data. The person than modifies installer for a small free game and adds the application to it and then sends this installer to his friends, the targets wont know and will be happy playing the game and the trojan app will quitly send all the data. Now unless this app becomes very common and antivirus companies find it out and add its signature to their database, antivirus applications will not detect it. And I wonder how linux can be safe for this kind of attack. HTTP requests are almost allowed on all systems and firewalls do not block them otherwise access to every web page on the internet will trigger several firwall warnings.
harismushtaq wrote:
And I wonder how linux can be safe for this kind of attack.

From that type of attack specifically, it isn't safe even now.
(Though it is less likely.)

The difference is, if you really cared to and had the knowledge to, you could dissect open-source software and perhaps discover the extra code in it. (Or someone else could, and could tell you about it.)
With closed-source software, there's no possible way to find that extra code before running it.
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