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Prince Of Persia: The Two Thrones

Eh.. This may be a little late, but I just remembered that there was a third game comming out for the Prince of Persia series and found some trailers, vids & pics and stuff and I'd just see if anyone had an interest in it.

Personally I love the Prince of Persia games and I think I favor Warrior Within a little more than Sands of Time because it was darker, so I think I'm going to fall in love with the third one because of how dark it'll be.
We share the same pont of view!

I also like Warrior Within than Sands of Time because of its darker feeling and it heavy metal sound track! Man, that is awesome! Nothing compares to the experience of swashbuckling hordes of enemies while a nice heavy metal riff is on the background!

I'm looking forward to playing the next installment of the series! Very Happy Cool
in the netherlands there is soon the biggest game event of the Benelux, hope i can check this game too, i finnished both SOT and WW. i liked SOT better cause in WW that 'Dahaka' was so annoying Rolling Eyes
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