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How to get rid of pimple marks? or marks?

Not only does acne make you look dirty, but when you finally get rid of some pimples, they sometimes leave behind some marks, known as pimple scars. So while you heal one problem, another problem pops up. There are a lot of acne serums and creams you can use for acne scaring, but it's recommended to use natural methods to heal pimple scarring.

First, understand which vitamins your skin needs in order for your skin to be in top shape. The best vitamin for skin is vitamin E. A good way to reduce visibility of pimple scarring is to massage some vitamin E oil to the affected area. Your skin responds to the way you are applying the oil, so the best way to apply the vitamin E oil is do it in a circular fashion, kind of like you are drawing circles on your face.

What I recommend is either using almond oil or jojoba oil as they carry all the benefits vitamin E oil has with some added bonuses, such as essential fatty acids. Essential fatty acids, or EFAs for short, are used to heal your skin from any damage.

Just like the vitamin E oil, apply almond or jojoba oil in a circular way to balance out your skin's natural complexion and heal the scar. I find clients heal their scarring faster when they rub the oil in a circular way than just rubbing it on their face.

Rub the oils until the nutrients have been completely absorbed by your skin, you'll know this because the oil will not be very visible once it has been fully absorbed by your skin. You're going to have to use these oils until you are comfortable with how your skin looks, don't worry it will not be long until you notice a healthier looking complexion.
One that I know is Dermovate. but It's pretty strong and has bad side effects in the long run.
I use a cream with Soja proteins, it really works in making the spots disappear
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