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Gold Digger

Oh, Gold diggers.

Sidebar: The Chinese are more defensive against themselves, as shown by WonderfulWorld's empirical studies...(2005, 1)

Many local girls try to appear conservative in front of local men. But put these local girls with foreign men and they totally go wild. "I mean really really wild. They totally let go of themselves" (WonderfulWorld, 2005, 2). Some observers argue this interesting phenomenon reveals the fact that many Shanghainese girls are white worshippers. This inference is likely to be true. But the equal or even higher popularity of foreign Asian men, especially Chinese American men, among those girls sheds more intricacy on this subject. WonderfulWorld believes those Shanghainese women seek or acquiese sexual activities that they would refuse to perform with local men with whom they have the same degree of emotional intimacy mainly out of the expectation of gratification of material possesions such as money, housing and expensive consumer goods and/or the legal standing to obtain the permanent resident status, and sometimes eventually the citizenship, of a foreign country, usually the United States of America, Canada and, more recently, the Federal Republic of Germany. The mentality diametrically opposite to "when in Rome, do as the Romans do", i.e., instead of sticking to their usual norms of behavior and demand men from other countries to adapt to their "Chinese way", they try to fit in with what they think is "the Western way" when interacting with foreign men in premarital context.

Wham, bam, byebye ma'am!

Sometimes, their expectations are fulfiled. More often, however, they fall short of what they expect, either due to the misunderstanding between the two parties involved or the foreign party's preconceived cheating. WonderfulWorld doesn't think all Shanghainese women who seek or are currently in generally perceived romantic relationship with foreign men are participants of gold digging. Nor does he hold that their generally perceived foreign partners are all tricksters. He believes, however, such acts of mutual exploitation are not uncommon in the Municipality of Shanghai. And when the relationship is over, it's usually the girl who feels short changed.

You gotta feel for sorry for them, when they're drunk and crying...

Some women learn the lesson. Some never learn. They go on to a new foreign boyfriend. And another. And another. But they don't realize they have "short shelf lives" until it's too late and they end up regretting the life they have been leading.
There's always someone younger, prettier and dirtier.
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