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Inception (2010)

The trailers don't give much away, but I am pretty intrigued by this movie. And of course Christopher Noland is a complete legend. Apparently the movie has a unique story structure like memento had, so I'm waiting with great anticipation.

What do you guys think of this movie?
I'm pretty stoked for Inception. I feel like whatever Chris Nolan puts out is guaranteed to be awesome. Apparently the film is about "the greatest crime ever your mind!"
I saw the poster at the theatre and then the director, the moment I saw Christopher Nolan's name, I knew I would be watching this film. The Prestige is one of my favorite all time movies, I am so excited to see Inception.
WOW the newest trailer looks awesome:

Check it out, this could be one of this years greatest films!
Movie is an exciting journey. The action scenes are well picturized and music by Hans Zimmer is unforgettable mail. Never in the execution of the film, you will be able to move your eyes from the screen to other objects.
i loved this movie.... its the kind of movie you must watch 2-3 times.....
I've already watched this and this is really a mind and breathtaking movie.
The insane way that this movie is talked about... I don't have any noticeable desire to go and see it, but I kind of think that I have to, simply to stop avoiding spoilers about it!
This movie is so mind-boggling that I had to see it twice. If you're thirty minutes into the movie and you still don't understand anything, just sit back and watch. You don't have to understand it to enjoy it.
The platform is an extremely complex film dives deep into the human subconscious. technical brilliance and visual splendor are rarely combined so beautifully. emotional depth and explosive action complement each other perfectly.
I loved the movie! it was so great. I even watched it twice (although i saw it again because my friends had not yet seen it... but I still like it!) It was long, but the spacing was excellent and was good for the movie. most movies run out of plot with 2 and half minutes, but not Inception. It could have even, been longer and not feel too long.
So many positive comments and reviews about this movies. I haven't watched it yet but I think its a movie which I have to find.
Right now i've put this movie for download.will surely watch it by today.can't resist myself from not watching this movie... Cool

so many comments have made up my mind.lets see... Razz
I've been wanting to see this movie since last 2 weeks, but always something came up.
Hopefully I will see it next week.
Christopher Nolan's movies are really good.

Ankur, if you have a good download link, please share it with me. I wouldn't mind watching it on my poor man's home theatre system.
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