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ANyone paintball?

Anyone paintball??
One time - a company "bonding" event. Did not care for it. Want to try lazer though.
Lazer? lol. That wasn't any fun when i played it. It was quite boring. Paintball is alot of fun for me tho:D
I went paintballing once and got shot in the ear. Never went back :/
I went paintball once. My mate and I both got shot point blank. I still have a mark where I got shot, 6 months ago. I love paintball. It's heaps of fun! However the venues are expensive and in the middle of no where but definitely will be going again towards the end of this year and having a blast like last time.
I used to play paintball a while ago, and even bought my own marker, but then it just got too expensive for me. When I was in high school, $50 each time to play for a day was just too much money for me. Surprisingly, paintballs cost quite a bit; I don't know how people can just go through them like nothing, shooting tons of them randomly like they're shooting quarters.
ive never gone paintballing, however i do have a few airsoft guns that i use to target shoot in my back yard....
Oh, I've always wanted to go paintballing, but every time I have a chance I miss it because of some stupid reasons...
Must be better than COD lol..
I have played paintball multiple times. I have only played it outdoors though which I think would be more fun than indoor.

I enjoy Paintball a lot but it is a very expensive hobby as a box of paint is about $60 dollars and can be used quite quickly if you have a really good paintball gun. Spending about $30 to $50 a time got kinda expensive. Very Happy
Did that a few times. Fun stuff, pretty expensive though. Nowadays don't have the time to organize a group and play, plus a lot of people are in my shoes so we kind of don't go anymore. A bit sad... oh well, maybe in the future Rolling Eyes
Uptill now haven't tried it but got a chance about two months back. However with the kind of experiences shared I am desperately wanting to try it though.
Paintball is awesome, but it gets kinda boring when the players just sit in their trenches waiting for the other side to get out. The first one to get bored loses.
iman wrote:
Paintball is awesome, but it gets kinda boring when the players just sit in their trenches waiting for the other side to get out. The first one to get bored loses.

Gah, camping sucks. I mean, for first-timers it might be plausible, but playing paintball is not obligatory, and to play paintball, camping is not acceptible. The idea is to have fun an practice some tactics. Also it's not OK to send a first-timer right into a game, that's jumping into arctic water, not just cold. Some training is needed first, otherwise it's camp time.
paintballing is fun but it hurts if u get hit in sertain area's so i suggest only do it if you want bruses Razz
I've always thought about it, but didn't particularly want to get hurt/bruised in the process! On the other hand, I find LaserForce (a similar indoor thing in Australia but with lasers) much more fun, and without the bruising Very Happy lol
it has been 2 years since my last paintball afternoon.
this summer I'm definitely going back.
Best Teambuilding activety ever
Ever since I got into Airsoft, Paintball is not as much fun as it used to be.

To each his own I guess. The reason I like Airsoft so much more is the fact that you can do realistic reenactments. You also cant really get a group of 300 Paintballers together and go out and have a fun time. You'll get a lot of complaining, and everyone will be out of paintballs in 15 seconds Razz
the furthest i got into paintball was grabbing a 98 custom and hitting the field maybe twice..the gun broke and i just said ****** it never picked it back up again after that
We played this game before for our company kickoff! how i miss this game so cool!
I played with my friends. They really suck at playing. But I enjoyed it.
The site looks great! The only problems that I can see involve centering the images. They appear to fall off the right side of the screen.

I used to play paintball. I made a sinencer out a plastic bottle, pvc pipe, insulation and wax. It worked so well, you could hear the ping of the air tank every time the gun fired.
what is paintball?
I've tried it twice with my friends and it's pretty funny and extreme. Got hit early once but it rocks and we are planning to do it again. ^^
I used to play paintball alot but someone stole my gun so... but it is very fun Very Happy
I went to paintball twice, first with my company fellows, (our boss was lucky, he hurted his ankle the day before, or we would have hurt him, he, he, he) and the second time with a group of singles I used to go out with.

I think is nice, I would go again, but some people live like a movie in those places, I dislike any form of fanatism.
I used to paintball all of the time. It was the only sport that I was every actually good at. I prefer the woodland fields over the bunker fields.
what is paintball?
Went paintballing this summer for the first time with a random group from school. Some of us were much better than others, and since it was my first time my kill-die ratio wasn't really something I was proud of Razz.

I enjoyed the afternoon a lot. We played it 8VS8 with capture the flag, ... and it was awesome. You really have to try it if you haven't done it before. A lot of people also say it hurts, and it can. But 95% of the shots really aren't that painful.
I do like the previous mention of laser tag. It seems like the tame version of paintball.

What can I say, I like sports that I don't take several days to recover from.
Radar wrote:
I do like the previous mention of laser tag. It seems like the tame version of paintball.

Yeah the laser version is cool. Plus it's played in the dark here so you can use glow in the dark paint which is cool.


What can I say, I like sports that I don't take several days to recover from.

No Paintball in my state.
But i watched on Television.
I knew it is very pain if hit.
It's actually not that painful when you get hit, because your adrenaline tends to make everything feel less painful. It's more surprising than anything, the pain is just a shock. Or you can try to get hit in the face -- that hurts a lot less.
One of my friends is in the process of starting paintball, but in the form of milsim, which is a military simulation using guns that look like real guns, but are actually paintball guns.
Milsim are good for training soldiers, but I've seen normal civilians break into 2 groups and simulate a mission.
I do not know when that will be ready in India, but once it is, I plan to experience it, and then tell you'll about it.
I would think that it'd be diffilcult to have a military simulation using paintball guns because paintball guns have a different firing mechanism than regular guns. For one thing, you need to have a hopper to load paintballs into your gun, rather than a small simple magazine or whatever you have for a real gun. Also, you generally need to have air or carbon dioxide to power your gun, and that can also be bulky, though some people wear their tanks on their belt to make it more mobile. This makes it difficult to create say, an AK-47 replica that shoots paintballs. THat's my opinion anyways, but I haven't actually seen any of these guns.
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I love paintball
I do that it is cool. I Like playing Rambo lol
I tried it once. It was really fun )though some of the shots really hurt even with padding).
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