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New Clash of the Titans

Clash of the titans was a remake 1981 film. I watch this movies in 3D but i think the 3D doesn't add some special features for the movies. Is it better if you watch it in 2D.

Is someone here watched the old and new Clash of the Titans. Which is better ?
i saw Clash of the Titans movie on 3D. I not try in 2D. Fantasty movie Very Happy
I have friends that have seen the new film (2010) and they say it's good. I still maintain it's crap. When has there been a remake that turns out better than the original? (actually there are a few but it's quite rare) This film is full of special effects, average acting and boring storyline. 3D would be the only to watch it, not worth the time otherwise. I haven't seen the original but it's probably better.
I just went to the movies and watched Clash of the titans in 3D and the day before I also watched the old version as compare them.

I think the plot of the old version is a lot better. But acting and special effects are better in the new one of course. Still, the old version is kind of cute.

I didn't think the 3D added anything as well, most of the movie was 2D and then only a few parts were shown in 3D.
Originally my girlfriend and I plan to watch this in IMAX 3D, but upon viewing a lot of negative reviews about the storyline and bad acting, lousy stereoscopic (3D) performance, we decided to skip this title and just watch the DVD version instead.
So disappointed with this movie. Didn't make any difference at all when you watch it on 3D.
Most of these movies arent true 3D movies like the ones you watch at theme parks, its just there to add to the hype just like Avatar. I've had a few friends that saw it was good but from watching the trailer it doesnt look as interesting to me, lots of action yes but looks like it would be a let down.
Clash of titans seems to be a great movie. I hope to see the older version to compare them, but I guess that the new version has so many awesome effects, such I like it in a film.
See the vfx production focus here at CGSociety :

3d movies give me headaches..... so i always wait for the DVD and watch in 2d.... and ppl wonder why they go crazy... all the 2d neurons go 3d (joke) Laughing
Its not bad but not good as I thought When i had watched the trailer. Haven't watch the old movie. Anyone watched that one ?
well ive seen the old movie and i must say, the only enhancement in the 2010 version is that its more visual(obviously) but in terms of story telling and plot progression, it just doesnt compared to the old film, id say it was a joke to be called a remake of the old movie
I liked the old one, but I've heard some negative comments about the new one. Still am gonna get it on DVD.
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Clash of Clans?
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