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problem due to AutoRun.IRCBot.DZ worm

I used NOD32 antivirus in my PC. After yesterdays computer scanning I found there is a threat in my PC. At time of scanning antivirus shows: C:\\WINDOWS\system32\wmsrvc.exe-Win32/AutoRun.IRCBot.DZ worm - unable to clean - deleted (after the next restart).
But whun I restart my computer then the Antivirus shows there is a communication error in NOD32 kernel and the antivirus become inactive. After removal of the last installed antivirus and I reinstalled it and update it. First time it shows ok. But when I scan my computer or restart it the same problem occurs. Can anybody give me some idea how should I solve this problem?
I would recommend Kaspersky's online scan, however it is currently down for maintenance. In the meantime, give the BitDefender scan a try.

Post back with the results.
I don't know what happens but no antivirus page is open in my PC. I have tried your (given by Diablosblizz) URL, i.e. but it doen't open whereas other site is ok. I don't what is the reason of it!
most probably you will have a hard time downloading antivirus now in your pc because some viruses will block all the antivirus websites... it will also block you from doing microsoft updates. ^_^

there is no definite step for every manual removal...

if you are want lets do a remote session or try my links

that will give a list of removal tools

Hijackthis <--- run hijackthis - please google the how to for hijackthis
malwarefix <--- a bit outdated though so dont run it
avenger - manual removal
avenger list - my compilation of virus spyware list infection
process explorer <--- like an advance task manager
autoruns - manual removal
ccleaner - automated
RSIT - creates log file
malwarebytes <---- if you can download this... run this program this is automated
To jdelfire : I have downloaded your 00000loader but when I am trying to run it it shows a Dos prompt and ask to to write 9 to download all. But when I am entering 9 it Dos prompt just closed and software downloading is not started.
download it 1 by 1...
it will prompts to save the file. so save it...
it will pull up an html help... but just close that (i did this so it will not use IE to download files)
go and try to download another file... or rather

i will give you the direct link if you can run this in safemode much better
No this virus blocked the control centres of all anti virus &/ or malware removals. So it is not possible to delete it. Is formatting is the last solution?
would you like to do a remote session?
we can have team viewer session
I have already formatted my PC with Ghost Backup. So at present is running ok. Thanks for all replies.
That seemed to be a nasty smart virus. U say it blocked u from downloading all of the softwares ?

I once had a virus which not only blocked Task manager (like most self-respecting viruses do), but also block Process explorer from running. I had Process explorer on the computer for quite a few months, and it was working perfectly. Finally, I had to download a few other task managers, until one of them was not recognised by the virus. Only then was I able to delete the virus.
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