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How many source of income


Some times it is difficult to earn good from a single job - So it is better to add a part time job, if possible for an additional income.

I have 2 source of income - One from my primary job and other - From tuition to students.

Who among you have more than one source of income?
Day job + design work + adsense + online promotion + who needs a social life eh Smile
Give me idea or need source how can i get income by my website?
whats the magic word? Wink
mukesh wrote:
Give me idea or need source how can i get income by my website?

Mukesh, do you have some thing that is sailable to others? I mean, something others love to get ?
Make a website about it and do direct sale.
Job + translation + adsense (this is just enough to cover the domain fees.. lol)
i have thought about getting two jobs but here in my country its a bit difficult to do that, unless you have your own shop which is manned by some else and then you have an office job. besides that you have to take the one job at a time. for me thats what i plan on doing get myself a shop work it out to grow into a big shop and leave the boring office work.
I'm still a student myself, 0 job Smile . But I think I would probably get only one job in the future, as I would be able to devote myself to it. Part time jobs would make me too tired and reduce my passion Smile Perhaps I'm too lazy. Though actually many people get only one job.
I actually have one part time job, I'm student full time and I try to also find some time to do some free little jobs in my domain.

But if I had to chose the way of Income (for the future) I hope it will be :
-Full time job (40-45 hours/week)
-Some house location / buildings
and some Internet ads income.

This would be really great and it's my goal.
Add to my collection band and event promotion... am I spreading myself too thinly.

I have my primary job + rental income from our investment house + some $$ from some photos i sell from time to time
Day job + translations + Graphics work + Online promotion + adSense.

In economics, factor income is the flow (that is, measured per unit of time) of revenue accruing to a person or nation from labor services and from ownership of land and capital.

In consumer theory 'income' is another name for the "budget constraint," an amount Y to be spent on different goods x and y in quantities x and y at prices Px and Py. The basic equation for this is

Y=P_x \cdot x + P_y \cdot y

This equation implies two things. First buying one more unit of good x implies buying \frac{P_x}{P_y} less units of good y. So, \frac{P_x}{P_y} is the relative price of a unit of x as to the number of units given up in y. Second, if the price of x falls for a fixed Y, then its relative price falls. The usual hypothesis is that the quantity demanded of x would increase at the lower price, the law of demand. The generalization to more than two goods consists of modelling y as a composite good.

The theoretical generalization to more than one period is a multi-period wealth and income constraint. For example the same person can gain more productive skills or acquire more productive income-earning assets to earn a higher income. In the multi-period case, something might also happen to the economy beyond the control of the individual to reduce (or increase) the flow of income. Changing measured income and its relation to consumption over time might be modeled accordingly, such as in the permanent income hypothesis.
Yes,I want to earn money from internet I wish I can get from spare time.
I work on one place and make some extra bucks out of internet marketing. I'm still learning for now Smile
I'm still hoping to get a job after I graduate from school. The job market sucks right now.
many sources of income is good for many reasons. its good to have two or more jobs that are not so stressful but bring in money.
Insanity wrote:
I'm still hoping to get a job after I graduate from school. The job market sucks right now.

No it isnt, i recently decided to change jobs and had plenty of choices
at the moment i have one source of income, but i am thinking of setting up a shop of my own and get some business done.
i need some sources related with your issue
i have recently started photo printing job. Now planning to extend it to web world customers.
I have been able to acquire several forms of residual income over the years. Unfortunately, they are not substantial. There are several sites that allow you to write or make video which might turn a few pennies per post per month. check out . Just keep in mind that building a residual income takes a lot of time and dedication. It will be a while before the effort makes any serious money.
setting up a new source of income realy take time, but it give many valuable experience.
i agree chatrak setting up a new source of income realy take time you have think and give time in my case now i try to sign up some affiliate programs like gan adsense, clikbank etc. but its to slow to earn money online. Im thinking free lance web designer today.
Earning from two or more source of income is really a great gain but how many of us are willing to do this? if you find your self working in more than a compsny you aalso find out that you always have pay and life with you just gets beta.
I work 30 hours per week at the moment and that covers my needs/most wants OK.
I do sometimes find "wants" that could do with a little boost to make them happen and in that situation I make a few calls that result in a a few days extra work if I need to.
I have done the 2/3 jobs in the past by necessity, but thankfully it's only ever by reasoned choice these days Smile
I have a full time job currently, but have also been contacted once or two about doing some freelance work.

The freelance work is more because I can though, rather than as a direct need for money.
Well, as for me, I am in a few tutoring gig atm.

I guess people are pretty happy with my service, considering I get referred here and there. (started with 5h/week gig, and then was referred for 2h and 8h /week gigs in a month or so..)

But, I wouldn't mind a translating gig as well. Especially if I can work from home.

Can anyone point me in the right direction? and also, how much does translating pay?
Well I'm a student so I don't have any income. Sad Although I'm planning to make some templates and sell them to people. But I don't have a lot of spare time (college + studying + hobbies takes up most of my time) so it takes me ages to create one decent template. :/ I'm also planning to make a website for myself but that's probably for 2011. Razz (And maybe I'll have enough coins by then so I don't even have to buy a domain name myself Very Happy )

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