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Geminoid-F, the Japanese robotic clone of a woman

The Japanese seem to have developed a robotic clone of a woman that they are looking at marketing for 110,000 US$:
Although the Geminoid-F claims to be able to mimic facial expressions of human beings, but it looks very much duller than its human sister standing next to her. The robot clone has twelve pneumatic actuators to help it mimic your facial movements such as frowning or smiling. The robot has a camera that captures the facial expressions of the human, and sends data to the robot to get it to follow moving like the original.

This robotic clone was made by famous robot maker, Hiroshi Ishiguro, who intends to sell this robot with a huge price of $110,000. The clip below shows the robotic clone in action.
I find the robot a little creepy!
Well it sure looks like the android revolution will come from Japan, hehe
It's looking quite real! Still can see that it's a robot, but they did a hell of a job there.
I wonder what the future will look like with those things walking around, Surrogates?
The robot does look really realistic. The movements are still a little jerky and stiff but I'm surprised they can even get that much realism with only twelve facial actuators given the number of muscles that go into facial expressions.
looks real to me as I know people who don't have much more facial expressions that what is displayed.

between Surrogates and The Island...I'm freaked out.
apple wrote:
looks real to me as I know people who don't have much more facial expressions that what is displayed.
Good point Smile Some people do look as though their faces have been plastered on. Especially film artists in their later lives when they have been through one or more plastic surgeries.
That's just eerie...
wow, still recognizably a robot but looks like a real woman indeed. it's creeps me out though, i can't imagine what the next years hold for us, especially the technology of the Japanese.
That's creepy. Very Happy The way she moves her eyebrows and opens her mouth.
why oh why did I come back here to view this video??

now she has freaked me out again!

I expect that in years to come we're gonna be living in "I Robot" days Shocked Shocked
Wow.. now that's something...
What would somebody buy this thing for? If I owned it I would use it on Halloween to scare little kids.

More seriously, it actually looks pretty good but somehow a robot looks fine and a human looks fine but when the robot is close but not perfect to a human it is kinda creepy. It will be interesting to see what kinda technology they come up with in the future.
Well, I say just wait until the real androids come at a much cheaper price. If you have that kind of money to spend though, you might want to buy it and resell it in a few hundred years to make money.
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