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PC Tips & Tricks !

This thread would be dedicated for tips and tricks related to PC. So, you got a nice trick ? Then post it here ASAP !!

Trick Number 1 : GOD Mode in Windows 7

God Mode is a simple folder that brings all aspects of Windows 7 control in a single place.

Steps :
Create a new folder anywhere.
Rename the folder by pasting this name exactly as it appears :


Voila !!

Trick Number 2 : Create shortcut for System Shutdown/ Restart/ Sleep and more:
Only for Windows Vista/7)

Man !! It takes too much time going to Start menu and selecting Shutdown. You see, I am a very busy
person. If this is the case, then you can make a shortcut for these utilities !

Steps :
1.Right click on desktop and create new shortcut.
2.And in location dialogue box type the code just as below with out quotes:
“Shutdown.exe -s -t 00” and give whatever name you want and select Finish.
You just made a Shutdown shortcut !!

For Restarting "Shutdown.exe -r -t 00"
For Sleep ”rundll32.exe powrprof.dll,SetSuspendState 0,1,0”
For Hibernating "rundll32.exe PowrProf.dll,SetSuspendState"
Trick Number 3 : Hide Important Files in a JPEG image !

You got some files which you do not want to be shared with anyone but you. Also, you don't want
any software to encrpt files. Then here is a trick for you ! Using this trick you can hide
almost any file( or files !) (be it .txt/.mp3/.exe) in a JPEG image.

Requirements :
A PC with WinRAR installed
A JPEG/JPG image.
Files you want to hide

Steps :
1.Create a folder(preferably in your Windows drive, C:\ in most cases). Give it any name eg. Hide
2. In this folder you have to put all those files you want to hide(eg.akash.txt and mathur.exe)
AND a JPG image in which you want the files to hide.
3.Now select the files you want to hide, right click > Add to Archive. This will make a
RAR file of your secret files(eg. akash.rar).
4.Now, Open Command Box (Start>Run>cmd) and type "cd\" (without quotes). This will take you to the root directory.
5.Type, cd Hide (where Hide= name of your folder).
6.Type the command "copy /b nameofpic.jpg + akash.rar nameofpic.jpg" and press Enter

Done ! Now all the contents are hidden in your JPG picture. Open this jpg with WinRAR to extract its contents.

Trick Number 4 : Hide your Drives without using any 3rd party apps

There is too much secret stuff in one of your drives and you do not want to share it with anybody. Why not hide THE Entire drive ?

Steps >
1. Start>Run>type "Diskpart"
2. Type "List Volume"
3. Then Type>select Volume c,d,e whichever you want to hide, for eg. "Select volume d"
4. Then type "remove letter d"
5. This will hide your D drive
6. If you want to reverse the action, type "assign letter d", this will bring back your drive !

I knew of th hide file in jpg one but the others are new to me thanks for the great tips
very nice trick for win7! Cool

Thanks! Exclamation
Cool tips, I'll try them out
Thank for sharing, I willl try these out Smile, they sound fun to play with.
Hmm...thnx guys for ur rpl...~~

If u knw some tricks from ur side let me know...!!
oh very nice
Hmm.... I love the trick..That's why shared it with u guys...!!
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