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Rapid Opinion Changes


Had you typed in 'obama is ' exactly two years ago, you would be presented with suggestions such as 'obama is the solution', 'obama is our savior', 'obama is the best', 'obama is awesome' (yes really). It kind of shows how childish people are in their temporary, enthusiastic passions. These are the sheep I guess, the people who can't see through bullshit from the start.

Seeing that sort of tells you a bit about mankind now, how hyped up we get over just about everything. Depressing really, it shows how paralyzingly stupid people are. The same people who in 2008 enthusiastically paraded around with their 'YES WE CAN blah blah blah' signs now enthusiastically tell their buddies that Obama is the anti-Christ. Seriously. I wish I took a screenshot of the suggestions in early 2008, that would have made an awesome image comparison...

So I guess we can conclude that people need something to release their adrenaline on, whether it be marching around yelling slogans at the top of their lungs, or beating the shit out of complete strangers, or a whole slew of other things. To think, our unborn children will, in a couple of centuries, be enthusiastically fighting World Wars on Mars over how awesome their Martian colonies which don't exist now are.

Eh, in a couple million years continental drift will result in a new combination of countries with enthusiastic minions ready to kill each other. Sorry to get off on a ramble, but seeing how radically different the Google suggestions for 'obama is' are than they were just two, or even one, year ago, really makes people seem like such mindless idiots. But I guess it isn't their fault, they're just sheep.

HalfBloodPrince wrote:
Seeing that sort of tells you a bit about mankind now, how hyped up we get over just about everything.
Perhaps if we can figure out where the Google "labels" originated from, the picture could be completely different. For example, it could be school kids who go home and are bored out of their minds. Or people who generally have very little inhibitions when they search Google or make comments in an anonymous capacity. Perhaps it is the place where they can rant.

There are a number of people who are real idiots, and who get hyped up by others, but fortunately there are also the good ones too who question the results.
Type any famous person/celebrity into google with "is" on the end and you get similar negative results in the drop down,i think the "is" in the sentence makes it so that the negative is more likely than a positive.
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