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Dollars verses “sense”

No, I did not mis-spell “sense”. Perhaps I should have used the term money in place of dollars. Allow me to explain. I know several people spend far more to make a dollar than they get in return. I enjoy collecting small scale die-cast cars. I know of people who go out hunting for these cars only to re-sell them for profit. Here in the U.S., they are known as scalpers. Funny thing is they spend more on fuel than they make selling the cars or other collectibles. I will ignore their time since they they do. Yet they are out there, (all hours, all weather) hence “sense”. One person even risk his job by hunting collectibles on his employer's time.

My question is: Is this just a U.S. Thing or are these fools everywhere?
Well there are fools everywhere.
Reselling collectibles, well yeah, I guess I heard about it here as well.
Fuel is very expensive, so it doesn't make sense driving around a lot for a small profit. That depends though how much they get for a sale here, maybe for some people it's worth the investment.
It does happen everywhere, things of hobby collection are usually sold about everywhere at a premium!
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