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What to do after 12th std?


I am currently doing my 12th std (India), CBSE syllabus. My subject is computer science, but that was mainly because I didn't like Biology. I am kind of confused on what to do after 12th. I will write the engineering exams, but I am kind of interested in design courses as well. More specifically, those from the National Institute of Design.

I know the final decision rests with me, but I thought I would search around a bit. What career opportunities do you think a person will have with a course like Furniture design, Interior Design or the one I like the most - Animation and Film Design. Will the career be secure? Financially? And all that blah blah that comes with it?

I do get good marks, if I may say so myself. Smile So I don't want to be like - everybody asking "What? You took a design course? When you could get a good engineering course?" I know it seems like a follow your heart vs brain and all that, but even I'm not sure whether the interest I have in 3d modelling is a passing fancy.

So basically, it comes down to this - would joining a design course be a good move, considering my interests, and whether it would be good for a job, or should I join a "good" engineering course, because that's what I am expected to do.

Thanks for listening. Smile

Hi, I'm currently a 3rd year Computer Science student in Canada. I don't know what the job market is like in India so I won't comment on which job will give you better financial security.

However, I know what you're going through since I wasn't sure about what programming to go into also, I just switched from Actuarial Science last year and that's a big career change.

I know this is gonna sound cliche but you have to go with what you enjoy doing. Once you start work you'll be doing your job for most of your time. If you don't like what you're doing and everyday you're just wishing for it to be over then you'll find everyday so hard to go through. Plus if you're not interested in your job, its unlikely you'll go far in that field anyways.
well, after your 12th STD i think you should learn to use protection.... I would of thought after your first STD, you would have learned that....

just kidding Smile

After 12th std (+2), you have many options. If your artistic heart pulls you to design course, go for it.
While in study make a research on job opportunities for your track.
I was too a student from CBSE Board,Army School and passed out the school in 2008.
And after that i realized that am much interested into Computers rather than those Electrical n Mechanical stuff....!!! Razz

So,I decided to go for Bachelors....and now am in 3rd year of B.Tech.
Now i've developed my interest in the field of Web-designing and developing , so am now working as a freelance website designer. Razz

You must be thinking why i'm telling you all this...Buddy there's something i wanna tell you and it's that Go Straight for the thing where your interest lies and you will be a successfull person defintely.

Try to find out what makes you interested ?? Smile Go for that side choosing the respective career...

Various Options are there-Engineering,Medical,Law,Dental,Designing,Animation,Photography,Defence etc...!! Wink
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