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Frihost stats on daily, weekly and montly postings .....?

Are there any other stats available for showing the total number of postings, other than the total number at the bottom of the page? For example, stats that show the total of daily postings, monthly, yearly from the beginning of time? I've noticed, even with the script turned back on, that there seem to be much less postings over the last week. Would be interesting to see whether that is true, and to make some comparisons.
I don't think that the phpBB forums have any sort built in, but I haven't used them in years. I agree with this, and if there's nothing like this perhaps we should have it moved to the suggestion forum.

However, the reason less posts are apparent, is because everybody is at 45 points because it was disabled for a while.
Diablosblizz wrote:
However, the reason less posts are apparent, is because everybody is at 45 points because it was disabled for a while.
Good point, and I just realized that it is Easter as well, so possibly people are celebrating the holidays too. Would be nice to have those stats though, maybe even with a graph that is done up artistically and "alive". So that we can see the peaks and valleys of the postings. Maybe something could be added to the Graph to show how many postings are still needed to get to 1-million. May make people more aware of posting, not only to keep their points up, but to get to 1-million Frihost postings.
shouldn't be too hard to make those stats. Bondings could write a script to just get the stats from the database once every hour and cache them. Hourly, daily and monthly stats should be real easy to make. Maybe even make some nice and shiny graphs, they always look cool Smile
This is something I wanted to make for myself for quite a while now. So yes it's coming, the only problem is that I don't have much time now to spend on programming so it'll take a few weeks.
Ghost Rider103
It would be pretty interesting to see how Frihost is doing on a daily/weekly/monthly basis.

Maybe we could get some type of auto-generated graph to go along with the statistics as well?
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