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Learning through podcasting

Podcasting is a series of audio or video files that can be downloaded through websites that are powered by web 2.0 technology. A study conducted in a university by Ms. Nie, M t shows that podcasting create a lot of cognitive benefit to students:

a. Podcasting fosters collaborative learning by allowing the listener to view information from a different perspective.

b. Podcasting motivates both listener and producers in the learning process. Podcasting motivates the producer to produce a creative podcast that is more engaging to the listeners compare to
traditional media such as written report or web page.

c. Podcasting enhances the listener understanding of the material by allowing them to pause and rewinding the podcast video.

A study in London by Evans, C. shows that podcast boost student's studying experience. Many of them listen to podcast while they are travelling. Podcasting has the potentially to fill a gap by allowing learners to continue the learning activities when it might not normally be possible.

Browsing a full recording of a podcast can be consuming. M Goto, J Ogata, and K Eto have done some research on intelligent sofware that can automatically transcribe podcast. Their project is called Podcastle. Their project promises a lot of potential to create a software that we can use to mine information and data from a podcast. Transcribing a podcast allow us to extract and browse information from a podcast faster.

Has anyone benefit from using podcasting for learning ? I would love to hear more from you.
I've heard many podcasts of stories. They've been interesting, only when the narrator had a good voice Smile
I think it really depends on what you're trying to learn. For me I used podcast to learn languages (Japanese) and that worked pretty well for listening and speaking.

But mostly my learning are focused on programming, and you cant listen/watch other ppl program to really learn it.
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