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Alice in Wonderland in 3D IMAX

Alice in Wonderland has the hallmarks of Tim Burton: the protagonist, Alice, is almost transparent, and the inevitable dark circles are there. The actress Mia Wasikowska is a competent job, without exaggeration, and ultimately it comes delighted with it. Johnny Depp is there, of course, despite the Mad Hatter now be the Conspirator Maluco. The Queen of Hearts, the darling of Tim, Helena Bohan Carter, just exaggerating, but can even be fun. Even Anne Hathaway appears, and it seems she is taking one's own fun guy ... Even the cat, Cheshire Cat, does very well, by the way - a CG excellent, with an even better voice acting, done by Stephen Fry, and was close to Carroll's original work - something the film does not struggled a bit to maintain.

The picture is well crafted, with attention to detail, but nothing as manic Avatar. For all happen in Wonderland, and the good work at the end gets the impression of a dream than computer-generated, which is great, and one of the characteristics you'd expect from Tim Burton. Sure, the IMAX pacas help in this respect, to put layers of perspective that would otherwise be difficult to bring up the director.

Now ... if no one told that the film was directed by Tim Burton, would never guess. Could even cross the minds look, someone is drawing on it, but you can not recognize. Strangely, even if the film was aimed at younger audiences, it is light. In no time you feel out of place, weird. It is childish or silly, but is light - no serious conflicts, without consequences, and with a happy ending - not everything you expect from Tim Burton! Even Batman thing was in some serious time - or at least satirical. But not here.

What the film does not compromise in the end he does the work, but wondering what could have been - and cast a high level - you take on that is missing something in the head.

The movie premiered on 5 March in the United States and is due for release in Brazil on April 21

O Goblin -
I watched Alice in Wonderland when opening day with my girlfriend. She thought it was okay, but I didn't like it. I guess because it was by Tim Burton I was expecting something different. I was became bored and sleepy towards the end.
Not entirely sure what to think of this film. Hopefully going to go see it in the next week or so.

I'm kind of stuck between all the people who are raving about it, and the handful of people I've found who are kind of reversed about it, or just weren't fans.

Keen for it form the trailer though, and to see a revamping of a classic.

We'll see I guess.
I saw this movie in 3D at first I kinda like the movies coz this is the first time I saw a 3D movies but later on, the movie is so boring, but this fits for the young children and for the young at heart. I will rate it 7/10.
The reviews are generally negative about this film, But I quite liked it , not sure why. Maybe because the colors are very beautiful, as with other Tim Burton's film, and I always like the eccentricity of Johnny Depp, so maybe it suited me well. Lol. But I agree that the plot is very predictable, and no particularly high and low point, so it's a bit flat at times. But it's pretty funny, especially the literally big-head red queen, lol.
I heard this movie was good, but yet have to see it.

If you noticed, most of Tim Burton's films usually have Johnny Depp in it.
I believe they are good friends.
TIm Burton's movies are usually dark, with humor involved.

I hope to see it soon, though, but not sure if I'll watch it in 3D.
I saw it with a friend a couple weeks ago. I didn't like it. I heard the film wasn't shot in 3D and was made into 3D after. That put me a bit off. It didn't follow the storyline exactly of the original movie. Which I didn't like. I think the only reasons why it was supposedly was so great was because it's a remake or the original disney classic, great cast and special effects. Other than that, I thought it was shit. Alice was a crap emotionless actor. That's my two cent
It's on my list of movies to watch, everyone i heard from ti was GREAT so i am looking forward to seeing it. Im not much of a Alice in wonderland fan but ill give it a try before i judge it ... after all Johnny Depp is in it, his acting can turn anything from boring to incredibly awsome..... Very Happy
Watched it. High and not high, high is AWESOMEEE lol
Good movie, best 3D in my opinion. Avatar sucked, shut up trolls before you pop up.
I came here to post again to comment on a thing about the 3D IMAX. It's something I have not had opportunity to compare the film Avatar, which was the first film shot in IMAX which I attended. But how did this compare with the movie Alice, frame the subject in this post.

He was anxious to see the film in high definition. Today I had the opportunity. And I wanted so much?! Simply because I wanted to see every detail of flowers, landscapes, characters, etc.. But some of you may well ask: "But you said you saw Alice in IMAX, which is already in high definition, why not look at the details?". And I reply simply because I am a movie in IMAX 3D you "ban" to look at the details they do not want you to see! Well, for better and so good that technology is an IMAX theater, there's a defect (and for me, a big one) is the focus part! Yes, because the screen so big, it makes a much stay out of the viewing angle of the glasses, and when you turn to look at a detail, a flower on the side, or something on the top edge ... Puff, you become myopic at the time, everything is blurred / hazy.

But what I wanted to put pricipalmente here is that, for those who watched Alice in 3D IMAX and, like me, can not see the details. It's worth watching again in HD. Even the plot is not exciting, it is worth. Rent and watch a bluray with nephews, cousins. And see the details, so finely constructed in 3D.
Yeah, it's quite an artwork itself. The color combination is so beautiful, as with a lot of other Tim Burton movies. And the environment is pretty exquisite. The only downside of the film, apart from the storyline, is the animation part. It's quite stiff and unlively, especially the Red Queen's "lover". The horse movement is also pretty low standard (except it's intentional, which i'm not aware of). But overal it's still an excellent movie to watch.
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