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windows media center repair install issues 34mins reboot

i had a post earlier about an unmountable boot volume which i managed to figure out buy typing in (chkdsk /r cSmile. that finally allowed windows to boot up but i couldnt copy, cut or paste any files to my external drive to back up. basically no windows programs worked, back up utilities, media player, internet explorer etc. so i used an xp pro disk to to a repair install based off a forums instruction. i may have read it wrong because it wouldnt work. turns out xp pro wont repair xp media center. when xp tries to do the install, during the set up it starts installing the devices but reboots at 34 mins remaining. what ive read is since to 2 operating systems r different there is an error when it searching and installing certain device drivers. now my c: has unfinished xp pro install and i cant do any thin in safe mode.

i dont care about saving my info any more so, i have an hp m7250n that has a partitioned recovery drive that u can access when the computer first turns on or restarts by pressing f10. but it wont work it jus pops the a screen asking if i want to boot from windows xp or the recovery console.

if any one knows how to get the hp recovery partition to work or get the xp pro install to finish id appreciate it because im really close to taking a bat to my desktop
Try booting into a Linux LiveCD, backup your important documents. After that throw in the XP Pro disk and format the drive and reinstall Windows. Simple as that.
Well if you don't care about anything on the hdd, just completely reformat it when you are installing XP off of a CD, rather than doing a repair install.

Also as Diablosblizz said, using a linux liveCD to gain access to important files and copy them to a usb stick is a good idea as well (before you do any of this).
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