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Internet Randomly Dying

In the past week or so, my internet has been randomly dying. It's not an ISP problem, as all the other computers in the house can still use the internet. It seems that it can only be solved by restarting my computer, which takes too long. I have tried disabling and re-enabling my connection, but that didn't do anything. Anyone know why it's doing this and a temporary/permanent fix?
Would you mind giving more detail?

Router model?
Wired / Wireless LAN?
Able to ping other computers / router / internet servers? Can other computers do so?
Were you performing some specific tasks when disconnection occur (For example, BT with many connection / high speed)?
Everything don't work or some are still working (For example MSN can still be online, if so it is not die, maybe new connections cannot be established)?
Could you see your computer prompts LAN disconnection or just noticed by the error message from softwares attempting to do connection? (If first one is true than more likely to be hardware / medium issue)
The router is some Airlink 101 one (can't give you the exact model), although I'm wired directly to the cable modem, so that shouldn't have anything to do with it. I'm not able to ping anything, but all the other computers can. As of late, it seems to be happening when I'm playing Left 4 Dead 2, although I've had it drop while I'm not doing anything. Everything dies-Steam, xFire, ventrilo, web browsers, etc. There isn't any notification from windows or anything about a disconnect, only from the individual programs. When I check the LAN connection, it still says it is connected, although with no information flowing.
When that happend to me, my router was super old so i jsut bought a new one.
this prolly doesnt help but m just sayin.
Let's isolate 3 things
1. ISP
2. hardware
3. software (OS and 3rd party)

1. ISP
Definitely its not your ISP since other PC is working fine...
2. Hardware part
Router - Firmware should be ok. (again since other pc is ok)
Ports - have you tried using different ports?
Cable - have you tried using different cables?
Network adapter - if you have a spare ethernet card (can be wired or wireless) - give it a try
PC - we will skip this one ^_^ its hard to tell

3. Software part
The first thing that we can try here is to observe this in safemode with networking.
check if the same thing will happen... just to isolate if the problem is within windows or 3rd party software

if its working fine in safemodewithnetworking -
go back to normal mode and try the following
1. try reinstalling or updating the network driver
2. do a clean boot (windows xp, vista and 7 almost has the same method check in google)

if its not working in safemode it might be a problem with your OS or Motherboard or NIC
this is the part i hate so much
1. try a service pack upgrade
2. repair install or clean install
Lol the internet is dying? Oh Noes! you mean lossing connection? More details then. If Windows, use Windows key + Pause/Break (by your NumPad, Scroll Lock). Don't Give your key though! Razz
Just to throw this in there: If its a computer-side issue, and not something with the router (you said other computers don't do this), then we're going to need to know more about your computer. What version of windows are you running? What happens to the computer's tray icon when your internet "dies", does it disconnect? does it show limited or no connectivity? are packets still being sent back and forth? etc etc... internet issues are tricky without giving us lots of info.
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