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try iCLOUD!

A friend of mine suggests that I should try icloud. First question that came into my mind is “what is icloud?” icloud is like having your own computer, your desktop, files, applications, gadgets on any computer. It is virtually your working environment wherein you can view your pictures, edit your documents and share it to others for free. It's like having your operating system on any computer where there is an internet connection whenever you need it.

At the first time you log into icloud. You’ll see a fresh, good looking desktop with sidebar, taskbar, searchbar and instant messenger. With its preloaded applications like icloud’s Productivity tool, ‘Write’ which is compatible with MS Office 97-2003 documents, so you can start working right away.

Both Firefox and Internet Explorer are support as of now. Too bad Chrome isn’t supported yet.
Thanks Microsnitch.
This is interesting, and I believe will give people who use it, a better understanding of Cloud Computing, which is making major headway into the business world.
oh thanks, discovering iCloud (they'll get a lawsuit sooner or later Razz), and it seems pretty useful
Sounds similar to LogMeIn.
Damn.. l forgot the name/url of this site l was using, like this but was free and 100% opensource.. damn it don't remember.
Is this the Operating System where you can connect from the internet then you can actually have an OS to use it for free?
hersandal wrote:
Is this the Operating System where you can connect from the internet then you can actually have an OS to use it for free?

Not that l know of, what the machine boot too? Maybe there is but would you actually want someone too have ALL of your computer, on their servers, passwords, browser history, etc.. for free? There would be an awful catch... Now free OS... plenty!
I guess you need windows or linux before you can use icloud, he's right, how can you boot your computer if don't have boot loader or something like that, maybe a dos will do? have any links where we can see or use this kind of appz?
You can give it a try, just go to and sign up. The free account gives you 3GB of storage in the cloud. It's definitely not peppy. In my opinion, its main advantage and most likely the reason most people would use it would be its portability; you can pretty much access it on any computer with a browser. Also, you have to have Java installed. It's definitely aiming to consolidate all the web apps you see around today (Google Docs, Flickr, Dropbox, etc.).
I guess this iCloud is just and online storage and not really and online OS?
That's what it's really looking like right now. I think the main advantage would be its portability. You can use the productivity software in iCloud and access it from any computer with a browser. It's still in beta though so it'll be interesting to see where these web OSes are heading.
icloud is an online computer(web OS). It is sooo much more than just online storage.

icloud offers immediate access to your desktop, programs, and file storage from any computer thru a web browser or from an intelligent device like a smartphone.

I like that I can view, manage and update my data anytime from anywhere.
iCloud looks interesting . Thanks for sharing !!
I tried it but it kinda hung up my browser ... Has anyone tried this on firefox over linux ....
i will give it a try again sometimes my ISP just sux
very interesting, I may look into it my biggest concern with this is security, but ill read into it a bit before making a judgement on it. seems really cool, but must use some type of remote desktop type system, which again gives me a security red flag, but thanks for sharing, ill try to post back my review on it.
i love to use this. but what i need a high-speed internet connection.
I signed up for the free account, I'm using Ubuntu Linux and had to install sun-java6-plugin first. Here are the instructions in the Ubuntu forum.
I found icloud to be somewhat slow and for some reason I couldn't get webdav to work in Konqueror--I installed davfs2 from the repositories but didn't find the item under Konqueror's Edit menu that was supposed to be there. That would allow me to have a virtual disc mounted on my Linux desktop that's connected to my icloud account. Oh well, maybe I'll figure it out or maybe not--I don't really need that feature and actually don't really need icloud as I don't travel much but I just wanted to try it out Very Happy
So it's been about nine months now since this thread was created. They had a few updates here and there but I still feel it's too slow to use. Can anyone with a fast connection comment on this? The bottleneck could even be on their end because, once again, it is free to use.
Where to access it i cloud ? for free? [/quote]
If i am not wrong you are talking about the cloud computing rite?
because i found about i cloud is -
"icloud is the worlds first free online computer. icloud gives users access to a cutting-edge virtual desktop with all their files, email, and a myriad of ............."
well a little correction .
debjitbiswas wrote:
Where to access it i cloud ? for free? Cool
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