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Battlefield 2 patch coming soon

Battlefield 2 1.03 Update Enters Final QA Pass

That's right, troops. Barring any last minute issues, the 1.03 Update is
only a few days from release now.

Wake Island 2007

That's right, the 1.03 update bundles the first Official map release
from EA and DICE. In this case the map is a modern-era update of one of
the most popular maps from Battlefield 1942 -- Wake Island. The People's
Liberation Army has invaded Wake to threaten American supply lines. In
response the US Marine Corps has been dispatched to reclaim the island.
Pick a side and fight to win!

New Features

* Stats compare - view the extended stats details for any other player
in your BFHQ simply by double-clicking on their name on the leader board
or using the new search feature!
* Server Favorites and History - find your favorite servers that much
easier. No more searching for them through the main server list!
* Nickname Prefix - Add and change your clan tag to your account name at
will. No more creating alternate account names to cover the changes in
your competitive lifestyle!
* Supply Drop Icons - Supply drops now appear on the main map and within
the 3D Map. Find that elusive supply drop much, much quicker!
* destroying the commander's toys. Special Forces players rejoice!
* Server Reserved Slots - Server Operators can now set aside slots for
their admins to join a full server at any time!
* Vehicle Passengers - the names of players in a vehicle with you are
now displayed when you enter or change seats.
* Countermeasures - a reload bar has been added for vehicle
countermeasures. You'll always know now when you can set off that next


* Point Farming changes - DICE has implemented functionality that makes
it significantly harder to point farm on Ranked Servers.
* Mod Support - Mods now work properly with the Dedicated Server!
Additionally, the game will automatically switch mods when joining a
server that is running a mod you have installed but do not have activated.
* Map tweaks - Spawn menu map and Commander maps now scale based on the
size of the level being played (16, 32 or 64 players). Mini-map also
scales automatically based on the vehicle type you are using (manual
changes to zoom levels are remembered as well).
* Commander scoring - No more TKs from Artillery!
* Vehicle tweaks - No more accidental kills from bumping a friend with
your tank (try to avoid hitting him at speed though) and no more
struggling uphill in an APC. Also no more improper TK allocation from
vehicle explosions.
* Auto Team Balance tweaks - Commanders and Squad Leaders now immune to
team switch.
* Anti-Air Missiles - These are now much more effective against fast-movers.

...and much, much more!

Bout time is all I can say.
Boycot eagames im telling ya they screw up ever good game they make but the new patch looks pretty kool
Its out by the way, you can grab it over at -

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