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I've seen a lot of post about this but I seen to not be able to fix my problem. My computer keeps rebooting and wont go past the window xp screen. Now I got to the blue screen and got the unmountable boot volume error and the stop code 0x000000ed (0x8a0de90, 0x0000006, 0x00000000, 0x00000000).

Now, i opened up my computer and check the mother board and connections. Everything seems to be fine and I havent installed any new hardware recently. I got the xp boot disc and ran the recovery console.

1st i pressed enter to do a clean install, but the repair option did not pop up, and the c: drive popped up as an unknown partition while my recovery drive showed as a fat32.

2nd i went straight into the repair option. i didnt need a password and it ask what i wanted log onto (h:\i386 or h:\intmnt something like that). i ran chkdsk /p and /r on both logons and every thing check 100%. next i ran a fixboot and it found and fixed the bad sector, then i ran a bootcfg /rebuild but an error happpend and it said it couldnt scan because of a bad sector and to run a chkdsk to fix it.

now im assuming chkdsk didnt work because i did it on the h: and not the c:. it seems to me that my harddrive isnt showing up since it shows up as a unknown partition in the recovery console and i could only see h: and not c: in the repair. so i checked the bios and found a samsung drive, dvd, and dvdr. now i have a hp media center m7250n that has a built in recovery drive so im not sure if it acually has 2 seperate drives.

now my recovery drive did try to load up and started reformatting my drive but as soon as it started i unplugged my computer because i want to get some important files off of it. so hopefully that didnt screw me over

i want to save this drive or at the minimum get some files off of it and everything i've done so far is the max of my abilities with computers

i need some serious ideas and options, can any one break it down for me
1st thing I would do:

Get a linux live cd (ubuntu for example) and boot it up. Then copy all of your important files to a backup partition/disk.

Then you can troubleshoot windows xp with more security of mind. If it were me, I'd just wipe it and start clean with xp, windows 7, or some linux distro.
this is a common problem
just follow the article
To Resolve This Problem,

boot with windows xp cd, goto recovery console, and run this command, chkdsk /p until it says no errors found, and restart your computer, you will be able to boot successfully. Very Happy
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