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proper education

by proper education i mean education right from 10+2 till our graduation. after +2 most of us are confused with different streams which we need to pick. but i tell u this point is the most crucial point of our life. this decision can change our whole life. wrong selection can really lead to serious mess.
say if i choose science,then i should be very much clear with the word science. because there is vast difference between 10 and 10+2. i have to be good in maths as well as physics if want to pursue engineering in the near future, and biology and chemistry if want to become a doctor in near future.
as far as engineering is concerned there also we need to choose a department say computer science,IT
,electrical,or telecommunication..
selection of wrong branch can screw our hole life!!!
In England it is normal to follow a fairly balanced curriculum until the age of 14(ish) at which time you would choose 5 or more subjects to study at GCSE. A typical student might study:
Maths, English, Combined Science, French (or German), History/Geography, and maybe one or two more.
After GCSE then there are two routes for the average student :- 'A' levels or BTEC. A levels are the traditional academic route into university. A typical student would study 4 or 5 AS level subjects (year 1 of the A levels) and narrow this down to 3 for the second year (A2) study. It is at this point that the student has essentially specialised. Normally students would study science or humanities at this stage. A typical science student would study Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology, whereas a typical humanities student might study English Literature, Economics, History and French/German.
I have long believed that we specialise too early. I don't think the average 16-17 year old should be forced into this choice, which is one reason that I prefer other qualifications at this level - particularly the International Baccalaureate - rather than A levels (even though I actually teach A level).
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