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What is 4 years?

Ok, here is my small but still hanging out in the back of my mind dilemma.

I am 19. (No thats not my dilemma) I have a good friend who is a 23. We have been friends for nine years and when you are under 18 four years makes a huge difference. So I was always the younger dood who probably had a crush on my babysitter(who doesn't?). Since last year to know this person on more of an even adult-to-adult level, if that makes sense. I have started to realize that she understands me very well(most girls think Im crazy), and I am starting to like her more than baby-sitter crush status. This sounds cheesy. She is not perfect, but she is really what I am "looking" for if you know what I mean. I am not actually looking at all, i don't really care about relationships right now. The qualities she has(personality wise, morals, blah blah blah, im not talking about cup size here) are what make me dig being around her. I am completely happy just being friends with someone this cool. What I am wanting is advice from people that have been in relationships where there was an age difference like this. I am not stupid enough to rush into something or get hooked thinking shes "the one". Just kicking the idea around in the back of my mind.

It would be best if you first try to find out what she thinks about you. She might be considering you just as a kid and if that's true it will change the whole equation.
The 4 years is not important. The problems you will face are firstly; whether you really are equally mature, and secondly; whether you can compete with the guys her age (and older) who have "been there, done that". Of course, there's no way to find this out without asking her or giving it a go.
In my humble opinion, Relationships can't be measured by the days, years , minutes , seconds. Age doesn't matter either. Because if you feel that he/she is the right one, Then just as what nike said "Just DO IT".
You must know first how she feels about you.
Yeah talk to her more and get to know her feelings first before you make a move.

And while 4 years is not a long time, it can be a big difference for a 19 yr old to 23 yr old, since the independence and personal experience you get from collage/university changes you a lot.
4 years is nothing.... but thats not your main issue here.. you have been friends for ahile..
In terms of maturity, they could be nothing, or they could be all. Year differences are more noticeable when you are younger, wait ten years and it wouldn't be so distant.
just be matured enough so that she may get along with you ...
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