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She's acting like a B*tch

i'm really confused about this particular girl.

i'm really shy around her, i'm not my usual self. i don't know why; i'm not really like this when it comes to girls. although i'm an introverted person by heart, when i like someone i make every effort to talk to her.

it doesn't help that she doesn't talk to me either; she only does that when she needs something (we're classmates).

i asked her to dance with me during our prom, and i promised to her that i will try to talk to her more. i made her promise the same thing. i also asked if she was angry at me or anything (she knows that i like her). she said she wasn't.

unfortunately, words apparently have a great effect on me, even if they're not true at all. so it's been a month after prom and things are still the same. we still don't talk to each other much, except for one time when she said she was bored. we talked for some time; however, after an hour or so she didn't reply, and she hasn't said a single thing to me since.

so i wonder. i could be optimistic and just think that maybe she's also having difficulty trying to speak to me, as i to her. or maybe she's just a real b*tch and she's just playing with me.

and i wonder if this helps: she wrote me a letter for our retreat, saying that she was a lousy friend to me, among other things. (she said she meant most of the words).

sure, some times she's fine. but many other times, she's just unbearable. however, it doesn't help that i couldn't take her off my mind.

could you guys help me?
Can I help you.......I kind of doubt that I can!

Life's short, you are young, I take it that dancing with this girl you are talking about High School? I'm old, probably older than your father. I'm gonna give you the greatest realization that anyone in life can ever learn.


If you feel uncomfortable around this girl, not like yourself, and she ignores you, or doesn't talk much to you, then you need to get away from her, either that, or stop being anything other than yourself around her. If you act like your normal self around her, and she doesn't like you, then she is not the girl for you. Someday you will find someone that likes YOU for who you are. Because changing yourself so someone else likes you never ever works, you end up living a lie.

Also, men and women are not always honest with each other, they often say things that someone else wants to hear, rather than saying the truth. The mistake that so many make is that they tell a person of the opposite sex what they think that they want to hear. How many times have you heard a girl say... Well I don't really like him, but he will change and be who I want him to be! And they go on telling their man that they love him, and then complain and insult him, trying to change him. Be honest with yourself, if she doesn't really like you, but says she does because she doesn't want to hurt you, back off, and let it go.


And when I talk about changing yourself, I mean things like education, maturity, growth, and learning. But remember, you like everyone else are special, and see that in yourself and learn to like who you are. Eventually you'll find people that like you for who you are!!
i agree with the things you said.

yes, i know i cannot make someone like me. i do know that the best thing to do is to get away. however, i can't. as i already said, she's my classmate. thankfully, graduation is merely weeks away. maybe i won't see her again.

i do try to be honest with her, though. the last time we talked, i told her the truth about some things - and those things weren't exactly good to hear.

yes, i know sometimes she can be unpleasant. her good friends agree with that. however, they also said that she has another side to her. a side which is better than her usual self. i myself want to believe that i actually see this side of her sometimes. maybe i should tell her that this side of hers should come out more. even if i don't maker her like me, at least i can make her change for the better.
I would let go of her. Most important part for a successful relationship is to feel comfortable with a girl and be able to talk with her. And the other way round. No need to be irritated with her however, as obviously you can't connect properly, and that does not say that any of the two of you is doing anything wrong, it just means that you may not be right for one another. Perhaps she is trying to let you know that subtly by the letter she wrote you.
greeneyedtaxi wrote:
maybe i should tell her that this side of hers should come out more. even if i don't maker her like me, at least i can make her change for the better.

That is impossible! She already knows how she acts. You should not tolerate anyone mistreating you. You count for something too and deserve to be respected.

Go ahead and tell her how she makes you feel, and be prepared to walk away if the behavior continues.

There are people out there that will respect you.
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