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Abusive language

I have received two complaints (reports) about the use of personally abusive comments in this forum. Having looked at the threads in question I tend to agree that there is too much personalising of issues, but I'm not going to take further action at this time because it seems to me that the comlainants are just as guilty as those complained about. I am therefore putting posters on notice that I will be taking a more active role in moderating this forum, and personal abuse/insult will result in the whole posting being deleted and appropriate warnings being issued.
Bikerman - Moderator
Dang, I just used the word "stupid" before I saw this. Twice I think.
Let me clarify:
My objection is, in sporting terms, 'playing the man, not the ball'.
In other words I have no problem with people attacking content - I do it myself frequently. Ideas can be stupid, idiotic, incoherent...etc. That is debate.
People should not be asserted to be so, without VERY strong supporting evidence, and even then it is better not to make such assertions. That is insult.

Where the perceived insult is justified (ie it is supported by evidence) then it becomes a judgement call which I will make as necessary. Thus if you say someone is lying, and you provide evidence which is pretty solid, then I'll be tempted to leave it. (I might even point out that just about everyone I have ever met is a liar, so to consider it an insult would be to consider yourself a saint Smile ).
If you, on the other hand, say they are 'lying bleepards (insert offensive epithet in your mind)' then I will intervene, because it is no longer a factual observation, supported by evidence.
You are right about moderating the posts to tick off those who insult/abuse other members. One comes across such immature behaviour on various forums, social networks (especially Facebook) and news sites such as Yahoo where one finds posters trading insults and abuses. Mad
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