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Ever have those times...

When you just couldn't be stuffed completing games, or even playing at all?

I've had Company of Heroes saved at the Hill 182 scenario for probably 3-4 months now because it was too challenging and I just haven't been in the mood to give it another go... Couldn't be bothered!

Lately I've been a bit bored of playing games, usually I prefer playing games to watching DVDs or whatever because I hate sitting still and not doing anything.

I was restarting Mass Effect but again, just couldn't be bothered with it at the moment... Continued my Dead Space save game for a bit, but I haven't really felt like playing pure shooters for quite some time now.

In fact, I honestly don't remember the last time I completed a pure FPS! I have games running in Dead Space, Unreal, Unreal 2, Unreal Tournament 2004, Duke Nukem 3D episode 2, Prey, and possibly one or two others. I don't count Fallout 3 in this list because it's non-linear and is an RPG. I have never completed Dead Space, any of the Unreal games or Prey... I completely Duke Nukem 3D in the past, but started it again and yeah, couldn't be stuffed with it Wink.

I'm also a fan of less violent games... I have wasted considerable days of my life away playing Civilization 4... Simcity 3000 is great fun at times as well, although when I played Simcity 4 it just didn't feel right to me, I dunno why. I don't mind Simcity Societies, but it was such a waste of money because it's not stable on nVidia video cards... So why bother playing when I have to continually alt+tab in and out to un-corrupt the display?

I play WoW on a private server too, played it pretty heavily for a few days straight when I was on annual leave, but haven't even touched it once since then.

I guess this all has a lot to do with real life... Not so much real life getting in the way, but my mind has been focused on other things and I feel like I've lost interest in games in the process.

Oh well.
I've had this too, although I've always come back and finished the game. I usually get bored if I play the same game every day. MW2 is a prime example, I was playing it daily and it was getting boring. I still do play it daily, but for about an hour now. I also have WoW (not private servers though) and I just bought Brawl for the Wii today. I like mixing everything up. I did just finish the ME series (holy crap) so if you've finished ME1 and want to continue DEFIANTLY look at ME2, it's awesome.

Here's my thoughts: give the games a break for a week or two. I've played so much CS:S that I am sick and tired of it, but will occasionally play because I have the "urge."
This happened to me a lot when I played on consoles, but not so much anymore now that I use a PC
this kinda happens when you have alot of games in stock, that you get bored easily with one game and does the other then goes back to another game, i remembered how i forgot prince of persia 4 because of newer games that came out with it
Funnily enough, I've just discovered the Discworld MUD and I'm loving it! People can spell and use correct grammar, there are no idiots running around, it's great!

Plus the game is really well thought out and really helps you to imagine in your mind that you're really in Ankh-Morpork Smile
It's funny that you mentioned Mass Effect. I have that game too, and I like it, but I haven't played it for a long while. I think that's because I lost my save files when my hard drive partition got corrupted. I haven't given up on it, though, so I'm sure I'll get back to it. I've just been busy with other games.

I know what you mean about getting bored with games at times. I guess the mind just needs a break sometimes. I've tried to get into Sims 3, but that is one game that doesn't hold my interest long. Even with the expansion. Sims 2 had me going for a long while, though. I'll probably go back to that game before I touch Sims 3 again.
i got splinter cell in the draw for PS2 had it for years will finish it.

Then Assasins creed will finish that too.

I found the best way to finish a game is devote a whole weekend to it and go for it
Nnnot really, no. I tend to play only a single game at once (two sometimes, if they're significantly different genres or one's just a short freeware game) and stick with it until I've finished (with varying degrees of finished, depending on whether 100% completion is challenging or merely tedious), then move onto another game.

Occasionally I'll start getting bored or frustrated with a game part of the way through, but in those cases I just shrug, possibly curse my poor choice / game designer's and move on. Games are supposed to be fun, so if you're not having fun there's not much point forcing yourself to finish it when there's not shortage of other (even freeware) options out there ...
I recently had that issue with Killzone 2. People said the final boss fight was tough, and dammit, it was. I left it for alone for approximately a week, or more. When I've been playing, it was sporadically, and for short sessions each day. About a half hour, at most. But little by little, I progressed to each successive stage. And I beat it last night. So I guess the lesson.... ? Keep trying! So worth it.
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