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I'm listening to CNN on my satellite radio, and at the moment it's non-stop coverage of the tsunami that is due in Hawaii. It's got me thinking about earthquakes.

There was a devastating 7.0 earthquake in Haiti a month or so ago. Then there was a 7.0 earthquake off the coast of Okinawa yesterday, then the 8.8 earthquake off Chile today. I can't help but wonder if these quakes are somehow related. I mean, a shift in one tectonic plate must change the equilibrium between other plates. Right?

If this is the case, will there be another quake triggered by this one? Where? how big will it be? California? Japan? Alaska?

I guess all we can do is wait and see...

In the mean time, my thoughts are with the victims of the quakes, and I'm glad the folks in Hawaii are taking the tsunami threat so seriously and evacuating to higher ground.
i think they confirmed the chillie quake that huge 8.8 that just happened, actually sent the earth off its axis and raised chillie 6 feet...real messed up
Earthquake is something that we never wish happens to us or even to our world but it happens. What is the cause is something we can avoid really because its a natural disaster. when it happens alot of people and animals loose their life. anyway its my prayer that we live our full life without an earthquake.
uzeed wrote:
What is the cause is something we can avoid really because its a natural disaster.


Only by avoiding earthquake-prone areas... Which would mean completely evacuating nearly all of the most populated and sought-after places to live, since it would also require evacuating most coastlines due to tsunami risk.

The risk of earthquakes is outweighed by the certainty of the problems avoiding them would cause.
today, there are ways to protect and prepare possible sites of earthquakes from severe damage Laughing Laughing

in modern popular culture,the portrayal of earthquakes shaped by the memory of great cities laid waste.
when kashima lets his guard fall, namazu thrashes about causing about voilet earthquakes. Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes
there are to many earthquakes
i never meet a earthquak and i hope i never will because its realy hard and we all see on tv
eearthquaks in poor lands its realy sad i hope earthquaks will stop Very Happy
gangstermo12 wrote:
i hope earthquaks will stop Very Happy

I don't.
I hope they become more frequent.

An earthquake happens when plates shift... and the longer the time is between each shift, the more pressure pressure can build up. More pressure means more intense earthquakes, so it's better to have small, frequent ones than to put it off and risk rare, catastrophic ones.
boze pomozi da potres pogodi moju drzavu, ovdje je infrastruktura slaba i u tome slucaju imali bi velikih problema
Every year almost 5 earthquake happen on out country, but most most of them is non destructive.
now, it is destructive in japan...after an earthquake followed by a heart goes out to them...i felt sorry to those who lost their loved ones..... how i just wish and hope that it will never happen again.....
My heart goes out to the Japanese as well, they got slammed, the earthquake was bad enough, the Tsunami was horror at it's best, and now the nuclear power plant. WOW that has just been one devastating event. That Tsunami traveled all the way across the Pacific Ocean and hit Oregon, California, and Washington State cost lines.

Tsunami is caused by what is called a normal fault on the sea floor. a normal fault is when one side drops in elevation. When that happens the ocean for the entire depth drops as well and a wave is created that radiates out at a high rate of speed, thing is the wave is not very tall on the surface, but extends all the way to the ocean floor which can be considerable depths, in this case they estimated something like 5000 feet, unlike waves created by the wind which are pretty much relegated to the surface. When the wave makes land it climbs up the continental shelf which drops it's speed dramatically, but pulls up a huge volume of water as the wave attempts to stand up, of course gravity and forward speed minimize this greatly, but the hydraulic pressure created by something that massive is incredible. Unlike the Indonesian Tsunami that had a bit of a longer shelf to climb up, and some distance to travel to help it dissipate some speed, the Japan wave was close the the cost, and had a short shelf to climb up, some of the news reports estimated that it was moving at 50 miles per hour...holy crap! I am so surprised that the death toll was not higher!

My prayers have been going out to them for a while now!! Shocked
Are earthquakes happening more now or is that they are just hitting more populated places than normal?
gverutes wrote:
Are earthquakes happening more now or is that they are just hitting more populated places than normal?

Basically, we just hear about them more, because of the 24-hour news cycle and the ability of people to communicate internationally, both inside and outside of mainstream media channels.

There's a nice editorial piece in Nature on this topic:
Yea I agree with that - news is relentless!
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