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New Server - Database Tables Missing

I'm missing an entire database after the last move. 21 tables were deleted? Shocked It's exactly the database I was hopeing to keep data from on the new server. Because it was up to date. I never got a chance to back it up before the retro-move.
aredon_meritsystem (0)

No tables found in database.

I'll restore a backup, but I'd really prefer to have the up-to-date data back if possible.

Edit: Restored the backup, but sadly this rolled many other databases back with it. I'd really love to get all of it restored if there is a copy available. Sad

Edit 2: Looks like the restored backup broke my phpBB forum as well...
Do you want me to take the aredon_meritsystem database on the old server and put it on the new one?
If you could just copy everything over at this point. I tried restoring the backup and it broke my forum amongst other things. (not sure why) The old stuff will be out of date, but at least it'll work. I'm willing to just work to get it back the way I want it.

For some reason the restoring the direct admin backup leaves my forum with a blank page. So it'd be a better idea to just copy the all the old stuff over. I don't see what I did wrong, but I'm tired of screwing with it.

I've restored the backup two or three times now, and I've tried uploading to FTP from my own backups. Both ways something ends up broken. Sad
Is that going to be doable? Sad
I'll try it tomorrow morning and try to get it working again. It can be that during the DirectAdmin backup or restore something goes wrong, especially since the mysql version is different.
It's acting a little bit like there's a suppressed php error in there somewhere. Because I tried uploading an updated script (because of mysql changes) for the user control panel, and now a large portion of it is clipped out, but like I said it was working fine yesterday before that database got cleared out.

In any case I appreciate it man, hopefully we get it fixed by this weekend so I don't have to whip out the old notepad for 25 people >.<.
any luck?
After a few more hours of troubleshooting. I cleared the cache on phpBB, this seems to have corrected the blank page issue, as well as the clipping issue on my custom control panel (it was connecting to phpBB.) So for now this is resolved. Cool
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