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need some files resotred

i deleted folders which i thought i added manually but were actually a part of my drupal installation. i'm hoping there is a back up of those files because i needed them for the site to run.

the folders that need to be restored are:

i hope this can be done soon, i know there are a lot of issues on the servers these days but if this can be fixed it would really help me out, thanks in advance Smile
I don't believe that Frihost does backups. They are unfortunately up to you to maintain. However, a simple download of Drupal and reuploading those files should restore your website's functionality.

EDIT: It seems they don't. Under the TOS it says:

Frihost TOS wrote:
We are not responsible for data integrity and backups. This implies that the user must have a local copy of all important files and databases.
The only reason I started to delete files was because I was suddenly and magically out of space, making all changes to my sites impossible. A lot of my space is taken up in my email but since none of the webmail options are working, cleaning up space there is not possible.

I actually did do a clean up this weekend but all the files have been restored from before that from what i can see so from what i can see there are back ups. The last few weeks have been very frustrating here and with all the problems we have had I was hoping to get a response that took that into account, not Diablosblizz quoting the TOS.

With all the moving from server to server I'm guessing there is a copy of those missing files somewhere. Also the files that I deleted were addons to drupal and not a part of the core and I'm not sure which ones I deleted, so replacing those files from my side will be real hard. I'm hoping that with all the issues we've had with the hosting that Frihost will be able to help me out a little more than normal.
Also look at this thread:

Bondings talks about restoring database tables so i'm guessing that this should be possible for files too. Also there was talk about increasing the space allocated to every to 500mb to help people deal with the new recalculation of our space, that didnt happen yet so i was trying to move things forward on my side.
My apologizes, wasn't aware of that situation.
no problem Diablosblizz, i just hope this problem can be solved soon...
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