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Hey can you tell me how to hack?

I know you would listen. EVERYONE has hacked or been hacked. And you probably know how to do it. I have been going out of school turning on my phone, and every so often i get a message that everyone realizes that the person has been hacked. "Hey, is this you?" and at the end you see a link. But seriously have you got nothing better to do all day than sit there and hack?

Hacking is something that should not be done, but is anyway. Just like spreading viruses, it spreads and is addictive to do. I have never done it but, seeing people day after day be hacked, it annoys me, that people have nothing better to do. So why do you hack? Or have you been hacked?
Hacking is merely fun. It can be more than just mindless destruction or perpetual annoyances; it can be somewhat amusing to do. Of course, hacking means a lot of things, and you've only really touched on one meaning of it. Hackaday, for example, lists plenty of fun things to make (not malicious viruses and worms, but things like how to make amusing alarm clocks).

It's amusing that you say "have nothing better to do", given that phishing (a type of social engineering, and thus hacking) is one of Nigera's most important export industries.

Other than that, hacking is purely done by people to amuse themselves (HackThisSite, for example), engage in some rather extravagant activism (remember the attacks on Scientology?), or merely to prevent hacking in itself (for example, people who know how to 'hack', or in this sense understand security, perpetually work to make sure Mozilla Firefox is secure from all types of malicious things).
I was doing some hacking challenge in my computer classes!! It was kinda nice (and sometimes hard) but challenges are really great!
I'm guessing you haven't read the rules. Please do so now!

milleja46 wrote:
. . turning on my phone, and every so often i get a message that everyone realizes that the person has been hacked. "Hey, is this you?" and at the end you see a link.
Sorry to ask maybe the dumbest question but was the above a hack or someone saying they got hacked. Didn't get that?

Yeah, know there are different variations of hacking some of which is very bad, but always thought hacking meant going in by the back door or being able to manage a system by programing methods. It doesn't have to be a mindless, non-productive, or cruel thing to do but guess it could be. Debugging is boring getting something to work by unusual ways would be interesting but I suppose the moral aspect of it all lands on the character of the person. Understanding how to do those 'hacking' things I think is amazing but then I am not a well knowledged programmer in that area so wouldn't know much about it.


How to hack!
Do no harm! Learn programming methods for a purpose, be nice and help solve someones problem and not add to it.
You can find Hacking for Dummies on Google Books. Very Happy

(Although access could be restricted in some countries?)

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