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More snowy scenes in the hills of Northern England

Decided to head up into the hills above Holmfirth (Northern England) with the camera. It turned into one of those halcyon days where everything just felt right, the wrist's getting stronger after fracturing it after falling off in snow! Rolling Eyes ) & I'm starting to get the freedom feeling again that 2-wheel riding gives you.
I got this "banker" in first, showing the hills beyond Holmfirth, as I approached incase the roads up there had been blocked with the snow.

Entering the Peak District National Park

The highest point of the road, about 500m

I blow my nose at snow, and laugh in the face of ice! old smiley 10 Laughing

It's a bit of a slog to get up there, so it surprised me to see quite a few cyclists enjoying a spin up on the tops

Check the sky..looking towards Manchester Rolling Eyes

....and back into God's own county (Yorkshire!) Very Happy

My favourite spot on the route, looking towards the descent & the reservoirs at Greenfield near Oldham

Within 100 yards or so of where I'm standing is the burial place of the little lad the Moors Murderers team never found. Very easy to imagine how in the 60's they could have gone up there & hid bodies undetected Sad

Back on terra firma, entering Huddersfield, Castle Hill in the background.

Pretty! I love the snow ... that looks like it was a lot of fun. Very Happy
Thanks, it wqs a super day.....ironically I broke my wrist in December, while riding in snow (!!!) and this was one of the first times I'd really been outsince it healed...still a bit sore, but it's freeing itself up all the time.
Stunning photos. Good views of the bike as well. Great that your wrist is mending. If I may ask, what camera are you using for these landscape shots?
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