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Yahoo! and Microsoft Now Forming a Search Alliance

I've received this news from YAHOO! via email today...

Yahoo! and Microsoft have now received regulatory clearance to form a search alliance. This is a significant progress as a first step in their combined effort to help their advertisers reach more customers with greater ease and efficiency. Of course, this will help them too!

Both companies are committed to making this transition as seamless and beneficial to their advertisers, they also mentioned that their aim is a high quality transition of advertisers in at least the U.S. prior to the 2010 holiday season and will be more effective on 2011.

May be, Yahoo! and Microsoft search alliance will help their advertisers reach more customers and save time and effort... and I hope like that!

How do you think about "Yahoo! and Microsoft Search Alliance"? Is it really benefit you?

Do I think the Microsoft/Yahoo search alliance will benefit me?

No, not really. I plan to continue using Google.

Obviously two of the giants of the computer industry see the need to combine forces in order to deal with their newer and more innovative competitor. The situation kind of reminds me of when another industry giant, IBM, teamed up with the new kid on the block, Microsoft. Of course that move greatly helped Microsoft, but in the end IBM lost in its attempt to become dominant in the microcomputer market.

What will be the outcome of the Microsoft/Yahoo alliance? It could lead to greater consolidation in search, and the game could turn meaner with only two major players. On the other hand, it might open up the market to a third company which finds it easier to construct a unique identity with only two large brand names in search instead of the present three.
It's pretty good for me since I have been using both YSM! and Ad-Center. Very Happy
hhhmmmm... i guess microsoft wants to expand the range of their popularity.. I prefer google too since it's began to develop another projects such as operating system and their search engine was enhance too and also their email accounts.. and other stuffs.. Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy
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