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Mobile Version of Frihost

Ghost Rider103
What do you guys think of having a mobile version of Frihost developed?

I personally do a lot of driving / travelling and often find myself visiting Frihost through my cell phone. It looks fine on my browser (except for a few display errors) but it would help greatly with load time.

Not sure how difficult it would be to make it compatible with mobile browsers, but it would be a great feature in my opinion!

I'm actually posting this from my cell now which i just got a new one, Droid Eris. Probably one of the best phones I have ever had. Sorry if this had a lot of spelling errors. Still trying to get used to the new phone.
I'll create a low-bandwidth option for the forums, without signatures and avatars. I will first finish some other stuff, like the competitions, though.
Excellent idea! Would we be able to use it on Netbooks as well? I find the screens of the Netbooks quite small for the full version.
Ghost Rider103
I don't see why not. You would just have to type the mobile address in. Which would be something like or something similar. The link will depend on what Bondings chooses it to be.

Then again, I'm no expert on this. But I honestly can't think of a reason why you wouldn't be able to.
A light version of the forums would remove things like the whole left side (avatar, information), so would fit better on a smaller screen. So for netbooks this would be ideal. Although I must say that on my netbook (AA1), it has a width of 1024 pixels, which is enough to display the forums.
Does phpBB have such an option, Bondings? Or would you have to strip all the code away?

I don't see myself using it (because I don't have a mobile) but I see how a lightweight version at would be cool. Smile
Been running into this problem myself with the iPod, wouldn't let me sign in?
Competitions first though Smile
Plus, how many people would really use mobile version?

Edit 4/15/2010:
l've took some snap shots of Opera Mini App in the iPod/iPhone

Here's some photos,

Only fixes l can think too fix is a major one, when l press submit/preview, it sometimes just clears what l typed, maybe it's opera though, l'll try on safari and see if l get same results. Also, it doesn't give the option too view your message or go back too forum, just straight too message posted. Also what can be seen, which could be a quick fix is the huge line of smileys and list of Bi etc...

Here's a download of the screenshots in case Image Shack (Which l haven't had issues with before) decides too remove these images. It's a 7zip.
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