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Why do we LOVE Frihost?

The title tells it all! Why do we LOVE Frihost?

There are so many reasons why I like it.
1. The owner is someone who you can talk to and he tries his best to help you unlike some people who hire people to do what he does.
2. The community is very nice here.
3. The up times are good, except for the occasional DDoS and Apache failing but totally not their fault.
4. It's free hosting without any hidden things!

What are your guys reasons why you LOVE Frihost?
I've always particularly really enjoyed the forums here and the other regulars I see posting/commenting. Yea, the free hosting is nice as well (although I admit that lately I've been mostly around for the forums since I haven't been using the free hosting too too much). I just think it's a nice community and I love that the mods are pretty good at quickly closing any topics that are created just for spam and that have no real value.
There is definitely something special about Frihost. It is not too big, and not too small. Just the right size for me! Am glad the owner likes to maintain it at that size as well. Also like the management style, which is understated and caring at the same time.
Some time ago someone said 'Frihost is better than paid hosting'. That person might have been right - I have never used any paid hostig. But I have used some free ones and I'm really sure Frihost is the best of them. It's really flexible, stable and fast. I do not need any other.
I certainly like, “It's free hosting without any hidden things!” straight forward. I also think the forum part has people in it that get my little gears going. Some of the posts here are fantastic, informative and educational. I really like that.
frihost is cool.
I live frihost for two reasons
1. It is giving me a good space for my site absolutely free. Very Happy
2. Great support from admin and other forum members.

Long live frihost.
    Great service
    250Mb space with 10Gb bandwidth is enough
    Good support
    Dutch forums
    The Webhost has everything what a paid host has...
    Most people here are very friendly...

adri wrote:
    Great service
    250Mb space with 10Gb bandwidth is enough
    Good support
    Dutch forums
    The Webhost has everything what a paid host has...
    Most people here are very friendly...


I take it you speak "Dutch" Adri?
Probably the wicked deal you get. Of course, for the people who hate it it's usually because of the forum. I know I myself aren't a big fan of forums, but Frihost isn't bad at all. Wink

It just takes time to get to know everyone; same with everything.
Free, no ads, and better than other free hosting sites that I've found.

And the few limitations that do exist are fairly easy to live with.
it's a simple answer....and has been mentioned by everyone on here....the free web service is super & the forum communities are very varied, with a lot of maturity shown by it's members.
Vive la Frihost !
It's free, there are no ads, Bondings is a cool guy, there are no hidden strings ... basically what everyone said. Smile

Before I signed up, I spent a lot of time Googling around looking for free or cheap hosting, cause I was willing to pay a bit if it meant a good deal but not a lot because it was just gonna be a toy website. In the end I concluded that Frihost was the best - in fact, it blew all the free and and cheap hosts out of the water. Wink

<3 Frihost.
the community is alive .. and also good .. and also less troll or maybe none >.<
They let you do close to anything you want with your website.
the great web hosting, and the fact that while you do need to post on the forums to get points and frih$, the community here doesn't make it seem like a chore.
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