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[ask] about visual webgui

hi there...

currently i make a project with vwg, but when i try it using database (access, mssql, and mysql) it rejected from the vwg process, and usually when adding some connection string and dataset the connection always failed...

the database is locally (using last vertrigo) and online database from (mssql =, mysql = and

but, when locally with mysql it connected but the data inside of database is not loaded...

i don't know what do next...

can someone help me ?
Probably I can't help you, but I'll try to suggest what information you need to provide to have a chance of getting help.

I didn't recognize what vwg is. If you identify it more clearly, I can probably find a troubleshooting page for it using Google if you're having trouble doing that. If you post examples of some of your code and the error messages you get, you might get lucky and someone will spot a problem with your code or be familiar with reasons for that error code.

Apparently you've tried this with three types of databases. I didn't understand what 'vertrigo' was, but it seems you are trying to reference or download data from three internet sites. If they allow database connections, have you checked what restrictions they place on the use of it? Or perhaps these are hosted servers under your control and I've misunderstood.

Apparently you did connect successfully to a database on your local machine. I don't understand exactly what you mean when you say the data is not loaded. Perhaps you need to debug your program to find out why it is not fetching the right data, or check the status of the database call to see why the request failed.

edit: duh! visual webgui, as you say in the title! There's lots of sites listed giving information about that. They must have a manual someplace; at least they have a FAQ page. Let me know if you're having trouble finding specific information about it.
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