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Domain name transfer as a reseller


I recently bought a reseller account. I have a couple of 'costumers' that I already made a website for. Before today, I used to use accounts with all different companies, now it would be easyer to just do it from one central reseller account.

Now, what I wanted to ask is how transferring a domain really works. Not only if you do it at a company, but what does the company (=me) has to do aswell?

I understand that, you'll need to have control over the email address that the domain has as administrator. But how does the entire process work? I can't seem to find it in google, it's always about how to do it as a costumer, not as a company.

Thank you
I looked up << transfer domain name to new owner >> and got some hits that look helpful. I only looked at the summaries on the search results page. It might benefit others if you are able to post a summary of the best advice and your own experience later.

I noticed the transfers described seem to be between private individuals. I think that as a company the procedure would be pretty much the same, unless you get into the registrar business. I believe that is fairly easy to do these days, and is probably worthwhile if you will be buying and selling more than a handful of domains.
Really can't able to understand your question. please clear the following points
1. Are you talking about reseller hosting (with cpanel /direct admin )
2. As a webhosting company are you going to give option to your clients to transfer domains to your DOMAIN RESELLER A/c.? if yes please tell me where did you have domain reseller a/c. (ie. enom, directi etc)
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