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A Quick 50 Frih$ - Software to shorten OGG files?

I have a quick question about OGG sound files that if someone can answer, I would be glad to hand over 50 frih$.

The one who answers with a solution that works for me first will get the 50 frih$.

The thing I need help on is locating a FREE piece of software that can help me reduce the file size of my OGG files (the more the better), even if it reduces the sound quality slightly. (I'd rather it not, but if it does, it's OK, but I don't want it to sound horrible) Does anyone know a good one?

I use Audacity, and if there is a feature that could do this for me and you can give me general instructions, I would gladly give the 50 frih$ for advice on that instead. Whichever is easier.
-For this, DON'T tell me to use the compressor. At most, that will shave only 5kb to 20kb off.

Export the sound files as MP3 using the LAME encoder. (this is free to download)

This will keep the quality you set in Audacity and when the files are exported, they take up just under 1MB per minute, even if they have the best quality you can tweak out of them in Audacity.

I'm not familiar with OGG, so I don't know if mp3 would be better for you. If the file extension matters however, there are free converters online that can switch it back if mp3 is not your cup of tea.
I can't use MP3 files for what I'm doing. I'm able to create OGG files, but I'm trying to reduce the size. Converting to MP3 and back actually increases the size of the original OGG file (not larger than the MP3, but not smaller than the original OGG).
I just found it. It is called super and you can download it from this website:

It can basically convert anything into... ermm... anything Very Happy
You probably are already done with this, but for anyone else looking for something similar -

  1. drag-and-drop your .ogg files into it -> creates uncompressed .wav files.
  2. choose low bitrate encoding settings
  3. drag-and-drop these .wav files back into it -> creates smaller .ogg files
Sorry for not getting back to anyone on this, I've been busy.

Right now I'm not continuing with this project, so I'm giving you all 25 frih$. If I use one of these later I'll donate another 25 frih$ to the person that posted the link to the one I use.

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