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my stupid job.

Well one of my newest jobs i have just got it really sucks. Im currently working at this garden place stocking flowers and watering them and spreading out all kinds of things to make it grow and etc. but thats not the sucky part about it the sucky part is that i only get paid 5$ an hour and i cant even work over time doesnt that suck i need overtime to pay my bills so my suggestion for all the little kids is STAY IN SCHOOL and learn you dont want to try growing up o fast cuz it really sucks so if i were you i would go to college get a degree and make some money
stay for three months, update your CV and Cover Letter in the evenings

have a day off to find a new job as now you can work in the retail trade as you have experience with customers

Use as a launching pad,

Go for it, Garden Shop is a means to the end, i washed dishes for years, work for one of the biggest companies in the world now
If you think that you're underqualified for a job because you don't have a collegiate degree, you can take a risk by taking out a loan and going to school either full- or part-time. There are many major universities offering evening and weekend classes for working professionals looking to make a jump in their careers or to just get into a better-paying job.

Also, if you can make a good case for yourself it is possible to get scholarships and financial aid from other places.

The most important thing is this: If you don't try something drastic to improve your situation, chances are your life won't get better anytime soon.

Good luck.
I wholeheartedly agree with the above two responses. Only you can take control of your life's direction. With some ambition and self-motivation, you can get yourself out of an unfavorable situation and make something spectacular happen.
There are worse things you could be doing. I think you should be happy because A. You have a healthy workplace (fresh air, plants, maybe outdoors and exercise) B. You don't have to sit behind a desk in a cubicle, C. You have a job period!

Your job doesn't sound like a bad deal at all! Instead of saying this job doesn't pay your bills, say how can I reduce my bills so this job pays them.

It's like so many politicians are saying we need to increase taxes to reduce the deficit, no, we just need to reduce our spending!
1. Find a better job and learn to save money. You'll be financially better off than people who have high paying jobs but can't save money.

2. Get a loan and use it to go to school.

3. Get a loan and start your own business.
I think this relates very well to the education thread that was posted up recently. It's important to have an education nowadays because it's a requirement for a lot of higher paying jobs. Not saying that you can't earn a lot of money without getting a good education, but it sure helps a lot.
Go to Worker
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