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A Registeration & Login Page

Using a Mysql Database, How do you make it so users can Register for a Account & How do you build a Simple Forum like Freewebs?

I want a Forums like Freewebs, but I can't add Freewebs as my hosting service through my domain name,

This is a picture of a Simple Thing I want.. (I want my site to be a FAN Site) so I want it to be like Personal / Staff Site, Put in Together.

You could always use a premade solution like PHPBB (What this site uses) or something for your forums.

Otherwise the way I would tackle it is to make a table in the database that holds your users, and any information you want about them
I would then make a registration page that stores all the users data in the database, the login page would check that the username and password matches and then store a cookie or session variable that contains the users id and encrypted password (makes it harder to falsify a login)

For the forums I would have at least two tables, one holding the topics, one holding the posts, and possibly one to hold the different forums.
From there I would then list all the topics with links and then pull the posts (probably paginate them as well) and display user data to the side etc. You can also include any amount of information you like, and display it how you want.

Hopefully this somewhat answers your question
I just wouldn't know how to code it, thats the only problem.
Code the PHP, MySQL or Both?
Fire Boar
In that case use a premade solution. Look up phpBB and download it, then upload the package to your hosting provider. Then extract the file and open install.php in your browser. There are instructions on how to do all this on the phpBB website.
go with some ready made solution like: SMF or PHPBB...
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