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Analysis of Political Views - PoliticalCompass

I found the following Website that analyses political views by using a test that has been designed by a political journalist.

It produces a graph like mine below positioning me in between right and left and authoritarian and libertarian. I'm not sure that it is really representative of where I thought I would be in the political spectrum. I had always thought I was somewhere in the "Goldie Locks" middle. I would have thought I would have been right at the intersection of the four sections of the graph.

During the analysis of the results, the Website provides names of politicians and economists who have the same graphs. Mine went with Galbraith. Think I could live with that one, as I've always admired him greatly (more than his works):

... Though I consider myself more libertarian than conservative.
Some of the questions didn't work well with me because of odd non-political views.

But, overall it was close; I am a slightly right-leaning somewhat moderate libertarian.
Cool find, DH.

I thought I was more Libertarian, but it seems not as much as I thought.
@Ocalhoun. You are right. The questions would need to be reworked to give a more accurate reading.

Thanks jmi! I enjoyed this, however think the questions probably need to be refined, looks as though they did not quite work for you too? Mine turned out to be more leftist than I had thought my views to be.
Hmm... looks like I'm slightly on the left.

Economic Left/Right: -0.75
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -0.41

No surprise there then Smile
I've moved towards the authoritarian end of the graph.

But I guess this still doesn't represent all of my views, it would require more, and more precise questions. But it does give an overall representation.
Bikerman wrote:

No surprise there then Smile

I have a serious question: How can a modern liberal/progressive not be authoritarian? If their argument is that a bigger, more intrusive government is needed to enact their social policies, isn’t that authoritarian by nature? Exactly what does a “liberal libertarian” believe?
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