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frame stuff

Okay, for my site i want to have like a cool frame. LIke not the HTML frame, becuase i suck at making those, but a graphic frame. Kind of (not using this, just as an example) a picture frame and inside the picture frame all the site stuff. Could i make this? I have GIMP becuase i dont make enough money to buy photoshop, is it possible to make something like this in GIMP? And how would i go about doing that?
In that case you have 2 options: A) build only one image that works as a frame, or B) build four small images, one for each border of the frame, and allow them to iterate with the repeat:repeat-x; and repeat:repeat-y; CSS directives. If you have any doubts I can clarify
The simplest solution would be, to make your desired picture frame, then use functions of iFrame to load it to desired area, here is a sample of iFrame code, all you have to do is adjust the size of it to fit your frame.
(assuming your page is called index.htm)

<iframe src="index.htm" frameborder="25" marginwidth="25" marginheight="25"style="top:1; left:5;padding:5; width:790; height:500;" name="iframe">
<a href="index.htm">index.htm</a>

now your link should target="iframe"

(eg. href="" target="iframe"> )

EDIT: if u figure out how to change background color of iFrame area please let me know Very Happy

If you can get hold of Antena Web Design Studio, it has build in function with Iframes, but it's very very very hard for beginers and I don't recommand using it, even for professinals coz there is no proffessional freedom (not eve code editing option, it's all drag and drop)

Well, good luck, I plan to use iFrame on my website to load one of the free formus in my own website so users don't have to leave my pages to view the forum.

When you speak of iframes are you speaking of inline frames? My site uses them and it's quite easy to set up. I think I must be getting confused with something else. Goto ... is this an iframe?
XeononyX wrote:
When you speak of iframes are you speaking of inline frames? My site uses them and it's quite easy to set up. I think I must be getting confused with something else. Goto ... is this an iframe?

hehe it really fits the iframe to the forum Very Happy
the forum really fits in the iframe. nice design and idea. Smile
Very nice disgn there, yeah inline frame is what I'm talking about, you did quite well there, I learnerned a little more about iframes from your website. I think it solved my problem, I must test it though. My dilema is that I want to use iframe only on one page, and not on 7 other pages, and I have problem loading desired 8th link to iframe directly by clicking that 8th link, right now I have link within that 8th link to load it properly in iframe.
Thanks, Now that I got the frame down I'm going to try to work on it and make the rest of it good. Icons instead of text links, a better hit counter. Just to name a few. I am also wanting to whip up a cool downloads page that will load into the iframe also.

Now about iframes and Phpbb ... a) sometimes you or your users will pop out of the frame, the only problems I have experienced is when the Administrators go into the ACP (probably a security issue). b) And users dont see the URL!! Im still workin on it trying to make a button that will copy the link to the clipboard. If anyone has such a powerful tool, maybe we can brainstorm and get it going.
This iframe is turning out to be exactly what i wanted. thanks, the only thing i dont get is how to align it vertically? Like up and down. I have it aligned in the center of the page horizontally, but not vertically, and valign isnt working.
I cant see what's the problem with the horizontal align?
Post code or link.
yes, I think he is talking about iFrame. I googled it and nothing else came up on that. so probably he ís talking about it. further I worked with it too and it is reccomendable. anyway, good luck with the rest
iFrames aren't the best choice... they're... dodgy at best, and it means cutting is required.

Why not do this,

Create your frame in the gimp.
Create your html file (with a div element in it)
Create a css file
Put em all in the same directory

then do something like this in the css

background: white url('./imagename.jpg');
width: <imagewidth>;
height: <image height>;
padding: <the width of the frame>; (so the content doesn't overlap)

Then you can center it or do whatever you like with it...

Centering Tutorial can be got to from this page -->

Hope this gives you some ideas....

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