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My site: for games and software

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Okay just uploaded my site and it is working. To see it just go to [url] [/url]and i hope to see you around there! Tell me what you think. I'll be adding some major revisions soon like i mentioned in a below post, and i plan on putting quite a bit of my artwork for showcase there as well that i'm doing in blender Wink
Okay just modified the look with Asap170's help and hopefully it will look even better soon
Does anybody read this now? The site should look better now and i am adding more content as we speakhopefully
Okay now i need YOUR help. I am working on learning java but i need help with the game we are developing. Here are some details about the what we need:

Mappers-use tilestudio once i a connector file can be made for it
Programmers-Know java or any c based language
Artists-to draw art for it
Beta testers-to test the game once it is rdy
Think tank-And others to support or give ideas to use

Can't wait to see your there and helping us. And yes we are learning java and we will start developement soon. So we need your help!
Your site (except for the forum) is basically broken. It seems you have some files missing which PHP is trying to include. You will definitely want to fix that as soon as possible.
the others should work but the login is still being worked on. which is why you see those errors. I am trying to fix those, but it is just not working out.
Okay the chat now works check it out
Sad can i plz get some help? i really need ur help to get the game dvelopment off the ground.....i just started rewriting the story. also once it's ready princess pic will be uploaded, and once i get a few more artists i ned some pics so i can remodel the site...........
You should put a demo/prototype of the game you are trying to create, so other have an idea what are you trying to develop.
Hard, to when i am only starting to put that together. I'm trying to first get a good solid GDD for it. Then i will start coding a simple version of it.
Ok wanted to drop by my topic and mention a few things now:
1 - now it's going to be back up and running
2 - as soon as i finish these thenewboston php and python tuts i'll be adding stuff not to mention some art i've made
3 - i really want to build a strong community for making the games and all that(gonna make some small software and games first and use blender and it's engine for making this hopefully)
4 - i'll be more active on the site during the summer, and will be adding alot of stuff when i can but during the school year i might fade out from time to time when duty calls for a project or alot of homework
Ok i've now moved the site over to a CMS which is zikula(pretty good one). I'll be themeing it and advancing the projects on it in due time.
Hey does ur site exist anymore???
Sorry for not responding and yes it does i've just let it fall by the wayside again since it's my summer break at my school. Somehow i forget slowly what i mean to do on the site and during the summer(including the developer stuff somehow since i got interested about 2 summers ago into development). But from now on i plan on trying to get this site back up and running, especially with a mobile version i am working on right now(which will only work with iphone because of the webkit it's made of). And i'm going to set up some links on the site to a project i'm starting with python and pyqt hopefully as well
By the way...anyone who's visited my site so far since the most recent remodel is there any problems with it? (besides the most obvious with the header and forums which i have to find out why it's doing those two though despite the fact it validates perfectly so it can't be div issues)
Ok more recent personal update on the site: I recently ran into a file appearing not to be there although it was so i had to reinstall, during which point i had to completly remove all the modules and stuff like that i had installed already on it. As of now it is fixed and i will be making sure to get everything working again on it so that it is like it was and will try to make it as active as it can be with only one user(me) on it until i can make it seem like a worthwhile site which will be the articles i plan on publishing to the site
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