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email trouble?

Hi All

Ive had my domain ( hosted on frihost for a couple of years now without much trouble (apart from the occaisonal downtime) but since the last lot of down time in the last few days, im not having any emails come thru to my domain (my wife and I both have an email that we use, but nothing coming thru, i sent an email from my work email + my gmail email and nothing, i did send an email to an address i knew didnt exist and that got bounced back saying user didnt exist...ive logged into my domain host and the name servers are still in there correctly, any ideas?
Yea the email seems to be down according to Bondings.

Bondings wrote:
Please note that there are currently a few minor problems with the server. All connections to other websites from php do not work (socket, curl, ...). Maybe the webmail and phpMyAdmin will have problems and maybe some non-php scripts too.

Sorry about that. Hopefully it'll be up in the next days.
Ghost Rider103
My email that I use that is hosted on Frihost is also down.

This is probably due to the recent problems we've been having. Lets hope everything is back up and running smoothly again shortly.
its just really annoying coz ive applied for a few jobs over the last few days using that email address as one point of contact (plus my mobile phone)...Will emails not coming thru eventually come thru or will they be lost in cyberspace for ever?
I was talking about the webmail, not the actual emails, those shouldn't have a problem, at least that I know of.
Bondings wrote:
I was talking about the webmail, not the actual emails, those shouldn't have a problem, at least that I know of.

its been 24hours since i got an checks everything no worries, but keeps saying no messages when i know there should be at least one (probably heaps more with automated ones, etc)
Ghost Rider103
Bondings wrote:
I was talking about the webmail, not the actual emails, those shouldn't have a problem, at least that I know of.

They do seem to have a problem. I tried sending an email to my email (which is hosted on Frihost) and it doesn't go through.
i have set up a paid hosting account and within an hour of switching over there my emails started to come thru

Bondings you might want to investigate into what the problem is as others appear to be having the same issue as i was
Could someone test if the emails work again?
Bondings wrote:
Could someone test if the emails work again?

I just test mine. I am able to send emails, but emails sent to the address associated with my site on frihost (i.e. aren't received. I haven't received any emails to that account since the server issues began.
My second gmail account I can logged in but I can access my inbox mail. when I try it the brouse close. But it only happens in my computer, I can check my second gmail account in my friend computer Question . Any ideia what supposed to be? Question
My email isnt working eitehr, it keeps giving me these errors!

ERROR: Could not complete request.
Reason Given: [SERVERBUG] Internal error occurred. Refer to server log for more information. [2010-03-06 21:09:52]

I didnt even get any logs about it either? I really need to get into my email for my go daddy register details, since i forgot my id to log in.
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