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youtube - Video not available in your country

This may be old news... but still usefull at times

Lets say you want to see a video on youtube and when you get to the Page... it says...
“This video is not available in your country”

If the URL of the YouTube video is– just replace the /watch?v= part with /v so your new URL becomes

Try it once with

YouTubeProxy called the service to cancel out by the use of so-called free, anonymous proxies, IP blocking any on YouTube or blockages of the video portal, as there are for example, in schools, libraries, or at work, treats.

These are questions of the user through a proxy server and managed by quasi-anonymous. The proxy server provides the answer with its own address and passes this, so in this case can not assign to YouTube, where the original request came from.
In our country, twitter, youtube and all the amazing things about internet are all forbidden. Guess you could say where I come from:)

but we use some proxy software like:
Gappproxy, it's based on GAE,
and for twitter we have twip as a api, it's based on php:

both could let us 'cross the wall', and eventually solve the 'In your region not playable' problem.

I believe, one day in the future, we could also breathe the freedom like you guys do.
Wish you happy:)
on the Internet so many things are forbidden.
For certain countries.
Again speaks to the free web.
We checked where you come from.
I think it's not good.

This led only to dis people want to work around this barrier.

Greeting tdossi
The Internet was built up of millions of free, quasi volunteer webmasters who have created with great dedication and diligence, some small, some large blocks to form a giant mosaic of home pages, data and composed link collections, and the greatest and also most democratic information institution of all times .

Now try a few people, the free Internet their personal, commercial interests and to subjugate all beiseitezufegen what stands in the way these interests. Your goal is to focus all publishing rights in a few hands, and any such data and information exchange to prevent.

You have overlooked one thing: We are the Internet! We do not need corporations, no music lobby, not corrupt (allegedly pro-business) politicians. On the contrary, the need U.S.!

A large mass solidarity webmasters and surfers who are conscious of their influence, could be the beginning of a new democratic era, at least on the Internet!
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