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Armed Assault (from the makers of operation flashpoint)

The ultimate realistic combat simulation experience brought to you by the creators of Operation Flashpoint*. recharges in a new engine with additional fresh, modern time setting. Freedom of action and immersive complex environments blended with unique touch of total realism return in this new game.

Armed Assault is a combat simulator made by Bohemia Interactive Studios (BIS). The game is very similar to the game Operation Flashpoint, also developed by BIS, but with a new improved engine. The game simulated everything from being a grunt fighting in a forest to bombing a city from an A-10 bomber and everything in between not to mention naval warfare as well. You can actually call Armed Assault version 1.5 of Operation FlashPoint, since the actual "version 2" will be out in a couple of years. If you would like to know more about how the game got its name, or more about Operation Flashpoint (OFP), check our history article.

Whats New?:
Its actually very hard to say, since BIS have been holding their cards very tight the past year. But I would like to sum up what has been confirmed, and what has not but "probably will be" in the game due to different matters.

Official Stuff:
Armed Assault will include everything found in the GOTY edition of OFP (OFP, Red Hammer and Ressistance expansion pack) plus all these goodies...

* A completely modified engine that includes JIP (Join in Progress) for multiplayer,
* New scripting possibilities,
* A totally redesigned collision detection system (Now city-fights within houses is no longer a race of "not getting stuck"),
* DirectX9 support (alot better graphics).
* The game also includes a new campaign which takes place on a new Island called "Sarah" (100 sq. km of land).
* Extreme weather effects (waves cause by wind etc.)
* Forests are now individual trees (bad news for the grunts who liked to hide in them from tanks)

Maruk Spanel himself, the leading developer gave an indication that "a new Direct X 9 graphics engine with support for detailed vegetation and dynamic water, reworked physical simulation and collision detection" would be included.

Unofficial Stuff:
This is alot more exciting, since here I can express all the rumours i'm hearing Smile. Since this is unofficial it is not confirmed yet, but I would be VERY surprised and probably dissapointed if its not there.

* Multiple gunner position in vehicles (I have seen vidoes how this works in VBS. (check this thread on the BIS boards)People can walk around in the vehicles firing their weapons.).
* Wildlife (animals having their own lifecycle, imagine seeing 4 birds getting scared in a bush 100 metres away from you - what scared them?)
* Replay feature (as seen in VBS, being able to see after game footage of how you just won)

Thoughts on Armed Assault and other important info:
The game is going to be awesome. Now we can finally have true dynamic battles in multiplayer. The new Island will have it all, including dense forests to wide open landscapes. The game will be released Q4 2005, but BIS don't know who will publish it yet (after the break with codemasters). The game will be on PC-CDROM. Thinking about upgrading? Wait! Armed Assault's engine is actually based upon the X-box version of OFP. This means that even if you cant run new games like HL2 and BF2, you might run this like a dream.

UPDATE: BIS have updated their OFP: X-box site with some new info. Since ArmA is actually an upgrade on the x-box engine, we can expect the following:

Wildlife, including insects, birds etc.
Dynamic weather effects - including animated waves that get influenced by the weather.
Trees and bushes not only sway i the wind, but are also influenced by overflying choppers etc.
Flashpoint 2... Gonna be excellent game... It is said that, unlike other games, in Armed assault, there will be a LIVING war... For example, you see a plane... It is going to attack somewhere or it has already done this and returning to its base.
Even animals wont move pointless...
You see an eagle, its going to eat a rat or snake...
That game is gonna be excellent... Worth waiting...
Ineed OFP 2 (thats not what its going 2 be called tho) will be top dog when it comes out (long time yet)
And just to let people know armed assualt is not ofp 2 its kind of ofp 1.5
And should be out before the year is out.
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