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Get started with GTKradiant1.5.0 urt mapping

Get started with GTKradiant1.5.0 urt mapping

Choose one of the four layout options in Edit / Preference (P) / Interface / Layout
I did choose the third one because it gaves me a good view. Make If you want the setting like you wanna have them.

Then make a brush a brush is a box smallest that's possible is 1x1x1 (on grid 1) let's make it on grid 7 (just press 7) a brush of the size of 4 wide 4 long and 3 heigh. Then you got this:

Now press 4 to get back to grid 4 and hollow your brush with the hollow button in the menu. Now move inside with the 3d view and select with the 3d view the floor the walls and the ceiling with pressing shift and mouse1 (left mouse). Hold it select and now go to your texture browser or press T. Go in your texture browser to the folder named "common" and click on the shader/texture ( shaders are marked with a white line around it) "caulk" now unselect all brushes with pressing ESC.

Now select only the side of the floor that's on inside of the box with pressing ctrl+shift+mouse1 and choose a texture for it out your texture browser like the one in abbey2/abbey2_fieldstone2_bright

Do the same for the walls and the ceiling. Next go to the grid and press with your right mouse button on it. And select info_player_deathmatch. This is a gonna be the spawn for FFA and single playing/mapping. Use for other gametypes info_ut_spawn. For more about that search for it in the entitie list press N for opening that or look in the menu bar (You can find alot of information in there about entities). Now you created a spawn. Now let's create a light. Right click on the grid and select light.. a popup window will come up and want you to enter the strength of the light. Just typ something you like. Now put your light somewhere in the room.

You created now the most basic room. Build it with: "Q3Map2 (final) .." choose one of the 2. but if you wanna build it. Asks gtkradiant for saving it, ave it to ut4_mapname or if you don't gonna publish it name it to something you like with out wierd signs and spacebars. Now it's building if your did press save. And when it's done it will say in your console (press C for opening it) connection closed. Then open it Urban terror by starting up urban terror and typ in your console (~) /sv_pure 0; devmap ut4_mapname

If you it dasn't start you get a error so you did something wrong.

Tips for faster FPS in your map

- Don't use to small brushes
- Caulk good, caulk is a texture that makes a brush or a side of a brush disappear ingame. so it don't has to load it.
- Use detail brushes and structural: use detail brushes (CTRL+M) for much and small brushes.
- use hint. learn all common shader functions here.




End of tutorial, post it if you've any problems
The number one way to make your map popular: make it do something fun that people haven't seen before AND/OR make it interesting.

Visually, you have about 1/10th of a second to make your first impression. What's in that impression?

- Are your textures clean? i.e. texture scaling is reasonable, minimal unnecessary mipmapping, appropriate textures
- Is your lighting appropriate? i.e. do you have invisible point lights everywhere; does your map lighting look like a quake3 era map; are you using q3map_sun[ext] appropriately to render sunlight?
- Is everything square/axial? Or have you implemented appropriate angles, curves, rotations, etc? Does it feel like this location has been used, or is it a 8th grade board-n-glue project in 3d gamespace? Small simple subtle changes make things look way more natural.
- Are your textures all washed out looking? Too much contrast?

To summarize the above, note that the LESS attention people pay to how things look, the better, meaning no eyesores popping out. This does not imply coming up with 1st party level visuals - those take a lot of work and expertise. If you want a better idea, look around you right now and think about recreating the room you're in. How much of it is axially square, compulsively 90 degreed edge to edge perfect? Like nothing except for structural things such as walls.

After that first impression, how are you going to keep the players' attention?

- Do YOU like the first impression you get when starting the map? Would you play this map on your server if you hadn't made it?
- Who's your target audience? Leagues, or pubs? League maps are usually pretty linear and cookie-cutter in terms of gameplay. Pub maps allow you a great deal more artistic and creative freedom, at the expense of a higher risk of gameplay rejection.
- If it is a league map you seek, prepare to spend more time on route planning and debugging than map construction.
- If it is a pub map you seek, prepare to spend more time on finding players interests, integrating fun ideas into combat. Eagle has a cable car. Rumble has a blimp, glass walls that you can jump over and catchy fake ads. Provinggrounds simplified arena combat into an urban arena. Horror has secret doors and a haunted house theme. Intermodal is freakin huge, but simple and attractive. Paradise has caves and makes use of rocky terrain. etc etc etc Turn a simple idea into a usable functional one.
- Map ambiance. Adding a small bird chirping or water flowing sounds drop in a whole extra dimension of immersion. Properly used fog. Wavey grass. etc
- Slapping in a weird new thing won't cut it. Be purposeful.

How are you going to get them to come back to your map?

- Is your map shallow, or deep? Meaning, once through and you've seen it all, or twice through and the map is still unraveling?
- Is there a feature or gameplay item that gets people talking?
- Were there nuances or annoyances, like sticky corners, bad clips, unfixed gameplay breaking bugs, obvious balance issues, spawn issues, etc?
- Did you name your map something that will be recalled fairly easily?
- Have you asked any server owners if they'd kindly run your map in their mapcycle, if they were willing?
- Did anyone clamor in disappointment? "aww I thought I could do that but can't" "you mean I die if I go there?" "why does this do that? doesn't make sense"

Make your levelshot count. Before people even get to that first impression, they will already have their opinion skewed by the infamous levelshot. Spend time on this. PerFect angles. Touch it up. Don't falsify though, that just leads to disappointment. Your levelshot should drum up excitement immediately.

Lastly, don't ****** out your map. See deliriums' post. Being a mapper is a community effort. Work with other mappers, and don't get upset over constructive criticism. Sometimes you will have to draw a line and say "you feel this, but I feel that" and let the players decide what they like in the end. This will give you the experience needed to get your maps into more limelight, thus becoming more popular and played more often. Some maps take yeeeaars until alluvasudden it busts out. Don't get stuck on one map. Put it down if you need to, try a different one for a while. When you go back to the first, many things you didn't notice earlier will become apparent.

Ah yes, and having good social relationships with server admins will assist in your marketing efforts. Don't sweat it if most don't like your map. Most maps are stepping stones to bigger, badder, more fun maps.

I thought that your question, Fleuv, was more than appropriate, so I hope this information helps.
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