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YouTube Good Movie - Joe Simpson - The Beckoning Silence

Joe Simpson, who is a famous mountain climber, specially noted for "Touching the Void" book, has another gift, which to me is even greater than his mountain climbing abilities. He has to be one of the greatest story tellers I have ever come across. I came across his books by accident a few years ago, and "The Beckoning Silence" was the first one I read. Then like I always do, when I find a good author, I go to book No. 1 and then work my way through all of them. That brought me to his first book "Touching the Void" that was completely spell binding. The video of the book, which was a good one, could not come near the story telling capability of Joe Simpson in the book version in which he managed to captivate every move he had made, every thought that had gone through his head, while he was surviving a horrible fall, a cut down by his fellow mountain climber, crashed knee and leg and virtually crawling back to the base camp.

Since posting the "Poker Face" thread, Steve Bondings got me completely addicted to YouTube movies. I then checked out if there was anything on Joe Simpson, and then discovered a series of 8 shows on his book "The Beckoning Silence", which to me is a much better production than "Touching the Void" for the simple reason that Joe Simpson is telling the story. It is basically the story of a young mountain climber, Tony Kurz, and his three mates, who attempted a climb up the North Face of the Eiger Mountain in the Alps in 1936. What made the story so gripping was that Tony Kurz managed to overcome a number of serious hurdles, including losing all of his three friends, and then when he was about a breath away of being saved, a knot in the rope prevented him from ascending further. He died, dangling on a rope, while rescuers were looking on, obviously horrified. This story has been an inspiration for many mountain climbers. The show below tells the story, which at the same time is a story of Joe Simpson facing his own struggles with risk taking and playing dice with death in the mountains:

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