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Home made roller coaster

No, unfortunately this is not a DIY instruction set for roller coasters. I think it's a bit too dangerous and you need to be crazy enough to make one yourself and actually dare try to ride it. I suppose there were quite some accidents.

But then again, it's an amazing feet. Here are some examples:

K'nex roller coaster:
Bondings wrote:
No, unfortunately this is not a DIY instruction set for roller coasters. I think it's a bit too dangerous and you need to be crazy enough to make one yourself and actually dare try to ride it.

K'nex roller coaster:

Or you need to be a genius Physician to ensure stability of track! But, yeah undoubtedly, amazing feat!
hahahaha... the blue flash one isn't too far away from where I live... you can see it from the highway
I am loving the Blue Flash one! When I saw the earlier ones in your list I jokingly thought "he should stick a loop-the-loop in", but Blue Flash actually has one - I'm very impressed by it. These must take a lot of time, money and tests to get working.
that's so cool! If I built one I'd be such a fanatic about it though. It would have to be perfect, safe and quiet... Except for the screams of awesomeness. lol. Maybe if I live next to a lake I could make it actually go Under water! haha, that would be awesome Razz Sounds like a project I will definitely take on if I'm ever rich enough one day to have fun money Razz
The Blue Flash movie was my favourite show too. Looks like real fun, adults playing like kids. The Blue Flash Roller Coaster is a really serious design as well. Must have taken a lot of hard work to get it together like that. Wonder how many times they had to fall first before they finally mastered the sequence. We probably missed out on all the hilarious parts Smile
WOOOOOOOOOHHH!! WICKED SICK!!! that first and last movie are the best Very Happy

never saw something like this before!
These coasters seem really amazing but they must have taken a lot of money and time to complete. Its not like this something like this isn't worth it. I wish I had enough resources to make a homemade roller coaster for myself.
hehe that blue flash seem to have high G force Smile

So that is what life is all about, build yourself the best backyard rollercoaster!
The first one looks like some rich guy decided to buy his kid their own little railroad/rollercoaster that winds throughout the estate, it looks like fun though. None of them seem to dangerous, the blue flash one seems a little silly, and kinda dangerous. I wonder if they actually charge people to ride on it?
coolclay wrote:
I wonder if they actually charge people to ride on it?

I highly doubt it, these were definitely made just for fun and I expect they would make hardly any money back if the owners did charge, so it's not really worth it.
Hehe, nice.
I loved the first one and the blue flash,
how much would it cost to build one?
Haha, I want one! That's brilliant. Very Happy
Looks like the blue flash isn't finished from the look of the spare tracks on the side. It would be awesome to see how it turned out with additional track connected to it.
Yeeeaaahhh I continue to admire just how much courage some people have over me. I would never, ever, ever EVER try a home-made roller coaster. In fact, I am even quite distrustful of roller coasters at Six Flags etc so just, no way. Still though, pretty cool. I wonder how long it would take to do it, and also wow, you really need a big yard to do this haha.
The fist one looks really cool, I would love to have a roller-coaster go through my woods if I owned a lot of acres. If I made a roller-coaster it would break as I am not that mechanical and be the end of me. but still these videos look very cool and designing one would be fun. They must really want to have a roller-coaster ride a lot to put that much money and time in it.
I wouldn't try it. Very Happy
It's really amazing that some people have those huge back-yards and so much time on their hands. I really find it surprising that they manage to have a (very) decent job and find time to build that stuff.
Amazing how creative some people are Cool
This is amazing. But these guys had alot of spare time and spare money Smile
This is very cool. My favorite one is probably the first one because it was long enough and seemed to work pretty well. It also looked like the safest. The blue flash was also very cool, but doesn't seem as robust.
I found the knex one particularly intriguing simply because it seems a somewhat different technical design in terms of what actual coasters are made of.

We saw the popular toggle-chain in Blue Flash and well, another very popular method is using a bullet-propulsion engine (not sure if it's actually called that but - er - I hope you get the point; something that accelerates the coaster up a track like a bullet would - ever been on Superman the Escape (Six Flags) or California Screamin' (some Disney theme park)?)

What was different about this was it's sort of "rubber" base. I mean, who would think of using elasticity to accelerate a coaster?! Notice that it reached an extremely high velocity as well. That's certainly something. And 29 feet tall! Wow. I can imagine how much time and energy went into actually making this one! Very Happy Razz
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